3. Be transparent about your pricing strategy. As more golf courses adopt variable and dynamic pricing strategies, it is important for everyone to understand how the pricing decisions are made. Golfers appreciate learning about opportunities to save by making reservations further in advance, and they will respond favorably to easy-to-understand pricing explanations. Here’s a good example found on the Tiffany Greens Golf Club website:

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4. Knowing rounds, revenue and utilization by daypart will help to tell the full daily story. Many small business operators record a daily diary post. The post includes highlights, lowlights, weather and sales data information. If the data is limited to rounds and revenue sold for the day, the operator is not recording enough data to help inform future decisions. All golf operators should establish consistent dayparts and always view the business by dayparts. This will help in finding opportunities for rate increases, round increases and staffing improvements. Below is an example report including dayparts.

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