Running a small- or medium-sized business presents lots of challenges. Most businesses fortunate enough to survive beyond year three use consistent processes and management techniques to help deliver a great product or service to their clients. As consumer behavior changes and competitive businesses up their games, it’s important to reexamine best practices and be sure to keep the golf course on the cutting edge when it comes to daily management. Here are ideas to consider, all leading to improved operations, loyalty and bottom line. Watch the blog for continuing posts in this series of 10 not-so-common items that businesses like yours should keep an eye on.

  1. On a weekly basis, analyze and record rounds and revenue by method. Method refers to how golfers are making reservations. Popular methods include walk-in, telephone and website. The more you know about method of booking, the more precisely you can plan pricing and staffing. Here’s an example of a rounds and revenue method report for a golf course using our Plus service.

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