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New holiday email templates now available in GolfNow Central

With the end of the year quickly approaching, now is the time to remind your golfers of upcoming holiday golf opportunities and deals, and to spread a seasonal message to everyone in your database.

As we continue expanding our options for communicating with your golfers, new email templates have been added to GNC Marketing for Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.

Whether you are utilizing one of our email templates for the first time, or you want a quick refresher on how to get things scheduled and sent, visit our email campaign support document to get started.

New holiday email templates available now in GolfNow Central.

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‘Tis the season for savings

The holiday season is officially here, and with it the opportunity to host corporate events, banquets, weddings, winter golfers and more. There may be no more important time for your food and beverage orders than the holidays, which makes now the ideal moment to stock up and save with GolfNow Ride.Holiday hats

The supply network available through Ride—thanks to the incredible power and scope of US Foods—can help your business save an average of 14% or more on F&B orders for immediate use and for the entire winter golf season. Additionally, the access to fresh produce made possible through our partnership with Pic Rite means you can save on these orders without sacrificing the quality that your guests expect.

Whether you need supplies for next week or the beginning of next year, be sure to place your Ride orders soon. And if you have any questions or want to begin saving with the Ride group purchase program, send us a note and one of our representatives will contact you soon.

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End-of-season tips from GolfNow Cares

Getting ready for the winter season, or want to ensure that your operation is running smoothly? The GolfNow Cares team has put together some best practices that you can utilize any time of the year.

  • Keep your databases safe by regularly completing local, removable and cloud backups, helping to ensure that your technology is protected in case of inclement weather or power outages.
  • If you are running your tee sheet software on a server, ensure that it is in a climate controlled environment.
  • Take care of your customer list, as it’s a vital key to the success of your business. Be sure to audit your list daily for duplicates and accurate data.
  • Do you still have a tee sheet in your system that is two years old? Consider purging your tee sheet to make room in your database. Please note, purging the tee sheet will not delete any sales or reservation history.

For any further assistance or questions, please contact GolfNow Cares at 844-800-4653.

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Analyzing the competition and adjusting for growth

Knowing the competition is a critical part of any business, and golf course operators for years have adopted strategies to keep them a step ahead—anything from simply monitoring a competitor’s parking lot to other, more sophisticated means.

You know that competitive analysis not only gives you insight into what golfers consider to be “favorable rates,” but it can also help you make data-driven decisions that enhance your bottom line and keep you ahead of shifts in demand. But you also are aware of the cold fact that tracking this information down manually can be a huge time suck, and virtually impossible for most course operators to dedicate the hours required to constantly collect and analyze data.

Consolidating all of that information into an easy-to-use tool is the goal of Plus Vision from GolfNow, which saves you all that time and effort.  Plus Vision provides real-time monitoring of online rates from multiple marketplaces in a convenient dashboard view. It automates the search and reporting functions, and it presents you with the information much more quickly so that you can make immediate adjustments and capitalize on opportunities the moment they arise. The filter options also allow you to dive into the data and view nine-hole or eighteen-hole round information, walking and riding rounds, and more, which in turn makes it easier to fine tune the specific rates and options at your course.

Tools like Plus Vision are designed to give your business the extra advantage it needs.

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Golf ChannelN2KRevolution Golf

Jordan Spieth’s swing coach joins Golf Channel and Revolution Golf

jordan Spieth (right) speaks with longtime coach Cameron McCormick during a practice round ahead of the 2015 Australian Open. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Jordan Spieth (right) speaks with longtime coach Cameron McCormick during a practice round ahead of the 2015 Australian Open. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Cameron McCormick, 2015 PGA Teacher of the Year and long-time swing coach of three-time major champion Jordan Spieth, has become an official member of the team of expert instructors featured on Revolution Golf and Golf Channel. The announcement was made on Oct. 24 during McCormick’s guest appearance on Morning DriveWatch a clip here.

As part of the new multi-year relationship, McCormick will host his own instructional series  – featured on both Revolution Golf and Golf Channel – where he’ll share with golfers the knowledge he has cultivated over a 20-year coaching career, along with his approach to improving golf performance by taking a wider perspective on what a great swing requires.

McCormick will join Martin Hall, Sean Foley, Martin Chuck and Andrew Rice as featured faculty members on Revolution Golf—the largest direct-to-consumer digital platform in golf—which was added to NBC Sports Group’s portfolio in August. Revolution Golf will feature McCormick’s first series of instructional videos on the website before the end of the year.

Connecting golfers of all skill levels to world-class instruction continues to be part of our mission. When golfers get better, they have more fun and play more. And that’s what we like to see!

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Schedule email campaigns before season’s end

Staying in contact with your customers is a critical function for any golf course – even during seasonal closures. With GolfNow Central (GNC) Marketing, you can create and schedule email campaigns in advance to share golf course news, holiday greetings, upcoming events and more with your golfers.

Advanced scheduling allows you to focus on the other business tasks that face you during the down time while still maintaining that touchpoint with your customers and keeping them ready for that first day of the season.

Log in to GNC Marketing to set up your off-season messages in advance.

Log in to GNC Marketing to set up your off-season messages in advance.

For additional guidance on how to set up and schedule your emails, visit our support document.

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