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Your round with DJ is waiting


Our Drive with Dustin Johnson sweepstakes is officially underway, with golfers coming back every day to enter for the chance at a huge prize package. And every time they do, they could be helping you to win a round of golf with DJ as well.

When golfers enter to win—and just one week in, we’re talking more than 90,000 entries—they will have the opportunity to select their favorite course for an extra entry. If your course gets the most votes, you could join the winners in receiving a complete prize package for yourself and a guest, including a round of golf with Dustin Johnson, your own TaylorMade clubs and more. The more golfers you remind to enter, the better the odds that you, too, will be playing a round of golf with Dustin Johnson.

Print out the sweepstakes poster and let your golfers know about the Drive with Dustin Johnson sweepstakes from GolfNow.

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10 Daily Management Best Practices, Part 2

3. Be transparent about your pricing strategy. As more golf courses adopt variable and dynamic pricing strategies, it is important for everyone to understand how the pricing decisions are made. Golfers appreciate learning about opportunities to save by making reservations further in advance, and they will respond favorably to easy-to-understand pricing explanations. Here’s a good example found on the Tiffany Greens Golf Club website:

Plus Post 3

4. Knowing rounds, revenue and utilization by daypart will help to tell the full daily story. Many small business operators record a daily diary post. The post includes highlights, lowlights, weather and sales data information. If the data is limited to rounds and revenue sold for the day, the operator is not recording enough data to help inform future decisions. All golf operators should establish consistent dayparts and always view the business by dayparts. This will help in finding opportunities for rate increases, round increases and staffing improvements. Below is an example report including dayparts.

Plus Post 2.2

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10 Daily Management Best Practices, Part 1

Running a small- or medium-sized business presents lots of challenges. Most businesses fortunate enough to survive beyond year three use consistent processes and management techniques to help deliver a great product or service to their clients. As consumer behavior changes and competitive businesses up their games, it’s important to reexamine best practices and be sure to keep the golf course on the cutting edge when it comes to daily management. Here are ideas to consider, all leading to improved operations, loyalty and bottom line. Watch the blog for continuing posts in this series of 10 not-so-common items that businesses like yours should keep an eye on.

  1. On a weekly basis, analyze and record rounds and revenue by method. Method refers to how golfers are making reservations. Popular methods include walk-in, telephone and website. The more you know about method of booking, the more precisely you can plan pricing and staffing. Here’s an example of a rounds and revenue method report for a golf course using our Plus service.PlusBlogPost
  2. Always know your website conversion rates. Conversion rate is a simple calculation; just divide “transactions” by page visits. Keep in mind that transactions can be purchases, opt-ins, referrals and others. You can think of a transaction as the customer ultimately taking the action you wanted them to. The most important of the various conversion rates is the booking engine conversion rate. If 100 people visited your booking engine webpage and 12 of them bought a tee time, the conversion rate would be 12%. Booking engines used by Plus clients have Google analytics code installed, and the analyses are enabled for e-commerce tracking.


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Golf AdvisorN2K

Golf Advisor is on a roll


Rapid growth in 2017 for golf’s leading ratings and review site—Golf Advisor—has resulted in five consecutive months of record growth, highlighted by all-time records across several key metrics in June.

Golf Advisor’s page views in June topped 1.5 million, surpassing the previous record from May 2017, and they were up 48% year over year. Other traffic metrics in June also surpassed the previous month’s records, with visits up 67% and unique visitors up 71%. Since February, at least one key monthly metric has surpassed the previous as the best ever.

More than 600,000 golf course reviews are currently featured on Golf Advisor; reviews and ratings that help golfers choose their next course and provide course operators with valuable information about the likes and dislikes of their customers. Unlike other review sites populated by industry insiders, Golf Advisor reviews are posted by golfers, for golfers. More than 85 percent of the half-million golfers visiting Golf Advisor each month state that reviews are important to making decisions about where they play.

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Summer of ’76


Golf Films’ focuses the lens on one of the coolest periods in the sport’s history with the upcoming one-hour special, Summer of ’76, premiering Tuesday, July 18 at 9 p.m. ET following Golf Central Live From The Open.

In July of 1976, America celebrated its Bicentennial. At the same time, the golf world’s best players descended on a sweltering Royal Birkdale along England’s West Coast, where two of the game’s transcendent figures collided. Johnny Miller was the California golden boy, at one time appearing to be the heir apparent to Jack Nicklaus atop the sport. A fiery and charismatic Spaniard with an uncanny feel for the game, Seve Ballesteros was just 19-years-old, but well on his way to becoming the Arnold Palmer of European golf. In the end, Miller won the Open, Ballesteros won the hearts of fans, and the ultimate winner was professional golf.

NBC Sports will have exclusive coverage of The Open, beginning July 20 with early rounds on Golf Channel and weekend coverage on both Golf Channel and NBC.

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You can play with World No. 1


Coming July 17 – The lucky winner of GolfNow’s Drive with Dustin Johnson sweepstakes—in partnership with TaylorMade—will have the opportunity to tee off with the world’s No. 1 golfer on a stunning Florida course.

But this summer’s sweepstakes is not just for our golfers; we have added a way for course partners like you to win as well.

When golfers enter, they will have the opportunity to select their favorite course for an additional entry. The course receiving the most votes will get to send a winner and guest to join Dustin Johnson for a round of golf, and both will receive a full prize package including customized TaylorMade clubs and more.

This is where you come in. Increase your chances of winning by reminding golfers to select your course as their favorite each time they enter. The more golfers you remind to enter, the better the odds that you will be playing golf alongside Dustin Johnson.

Print out the sweepstakes poster and, beginning on Monday, July 17, let your golfers know about the Drive with Dustin Johnson sweepstakes from GolfNow.

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