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Gearing up for a great year

Each new year brings exciting opportunities, and we are looking ahead to being a part of an outstanding 2018 with course partners like you.

As we look ahead to the next year, make your plans now to join our team at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show, taking place January 25-27 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

Make your plans now to join us for the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show, Jan. 25-27 in Orlando.

Make your plans now to join us for the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show, Jan. 25-27 in Orlando.

We will be set up in Booth 2173—right next to Golf Channel’s live stage where they’ll be broadcasting throughout the event—holding meetings, demonstrations and more. We are excited to show you some of the options we have for helping you sell, save and succeed in 2018 and beyond, including:

Contact your GolfNow representative today to schedule a meeting. We hope to see you there!

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‘Tis the season for savings

The holiday season is officially here, and with it the opportunity to host corporate events, banquets, weddings, winter golfers and more. There may be no more important time for your food and beverage orders than the holidays, which makes now the ideal moment to stock up and save with GolfNow Ride.Holiday hats

The supply network available through Ride—thanks to the incredible power and scope of US Foods—can help your business save an average of 14% or more on F&B orders for immediate use and for the entire winter golf season. Additionally, the access to fresh produce made possible through our partnership with Pic Rite means you can save on these orders without sacrificing the quality that your guests expect.

Whether you need supplies for next week or the beginning of next year, be sure to place your Ride orders soon. And if you have any questions or want to begin saving with the Ride group purchase program, send us a note and one of our representatives will contact you soon.

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End-of-season tips from GolfNow Cares

Getting ready for the winter season, or want to ensure that your operation is running smoothly? The GolfNow Cares team has put together some best practices that you can utilize any time of the year.

  • Keep your databases safe by regularly completing local, removable and cloud backups, helping to ensure that your technology is protected in case of inclement weather or power outages.
  • If you are running your tee sheet software on a server, ensure that it is in a climate controlled environment.
  • Take care of your customer list, as it’s a vital key to the success of your business. Be sure to audit your list daily for duplicates and accurate data.
  • Do you still have a tee sheet in your system that is two years old? Consider purging your tee sheet to make room in your database. Please note, purging the tee sheet will not delete any sales or reservation history.

For any further assistance or questions, please contact GolfNow Cares at 844-800-4653.

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Analyzing the competition and adjusting for growth

Knowing the competition is a critical part of any business, and golf course operators for years have adopted strategies to keep them a step ahead—anything from simply monitoring a competitor’s parking lot to other, more sophisticated means.

You know that competitive analysis not only gives you insight into what golfers consider to be “favorable rates,” but it can also help you make data-driven decisions that enhance your bottom line and keep you ahead of shifts in demand. But you also are aware of the cold fact that tracking this information down manually can be a huge time suck, and virtually impossible for most course operators to dedicate the hours required to constantly collect and analyze data.

Consolidating all of that information into an easy-to-use tool is the goal of Plus Vision from GolfNow, which saves you all that time and effort.  Plus Vision provides real-time monitoring of online rates from multiple marketplaces in a convenient dashboard view. It automates the search and reporting functions, and it presents you with the information much more quickly so that you can make immediate adjustments and capitalize on opportunities the moment they arise. The filter options also allow you to dive into the data and view nine-hole or eighteen-hole round information, walking and riding rounds, and more, which in turn makes it easier to fine tune the specific rates and options at your course.

Tools like Plus Vision are designed to give your business the extra advantage it needs.

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Get every golfer to play one more round

onemoreroundThe Coupon and Promo Code functions within your GolfNow Reservations POS system are unique ways to incentivize golfers, keeping them coming back for more. We can now provide golfers with tangible incentives right from the counter, encouraging them to book their next round at your course.

Using technology already available to you, coupons can be automatically printed from the receipt printer when a “trigger item” is sold. You can link coupons to specific sales items or SKUs, including the ones you’re already using to ring in phone or walk-in reservations. With separate sales trigger items set up for phone and online reservations, you can link unique coupons with various promotions to each – meaning we can target each type of customer differently.

This is a great opportunity to invite golfers who may not have an existing online reservation to visit your website and book their next tee time online (i.e. “Thank you for playing at XYZ golf course! Save 20% on your next round when booked online by entering Promo Code XYZ20 on our website at

And since we ring up online customers separately, we can offer them a separate incentive to come back, too. Examples include a free small bucket of range balls, or food and beverage discounts that can be used during their next visit to your course.

By using the GolfNow Reservations Coupon feature, we enhance the way we channel manage – driving more golfers to your website, increasing customer loyalty and retention.

Please watch the short video below or click here (<4 mins) to learn how to use the Coupon Feature today!

Click here to request more information.

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Daily golf course management best practice #7 – Are you a blocker?

blockerThere are 3 important reasons why blocking your tee sheet is a best practice – especially compared to any other method for managing your course’s start and end times:

  1. Reduce technology disruptions: For example, if you change your course’s start times from 6 AM to 7 AM without adjusting the intervals in the auto loads, there will likely be a technology sync failure. This could result in your course’s available inventory inaccurately posting to your online channels.
  2. Improve product consistency: Everything you do should be thought of as an extension of your brand. Ensuring consistency for golfers in the when and how of tee time structure reinforces consumer familiarity and improves confidence in your product.
  3. Accumulate business intelligence: Maintaining consistent intervals allows you to track the performance of individual intervals when analyzing data, allowing you to find specific intervals that are historically in higher demand. This is especially helpful when looking for areas of opportunity during holidays and other critical, high-demand periods.

As we approach the end of daylight saving time, consider these three points before making adjustments to your start and end times. And be sure to ask yourself: are you a blocker?

Click here to request more information.

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