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Plan for next season and save

RideAgro0917Business owners like yourself are always looking for ways to lower your overhead, and saving on everyday purchases with Ride is an easy way to do that.

For a limited time, we are offering course partners the chance to receive an additional 5% rebate on every agro order placed between now and the end of 2017. That rebate is on top of the 6%-10% that your business would normally save on agronomy supply purchases every day as part of the Ride program.

In addition, delivery is quick, and you can reduce risk and save money at the same time thanks to a unique product swap program. Contact your GolfNow representative to take advantage of the Ride promotion today or fill out our request form to get additional information about the potential for your course.

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Daily golf course management best practice #6 – Guide callers to your booking engine


It is essential for your voicemail greeting to direct golfers to your website where they can book online 24/7 (i.e. “Thank you for calling XYZ golf course. Sorry we can’t get to the phone right now, but please visit our website at www dot xyzgolfcourse dot com where you can book your tee times online 24/7”).

We recently learned nearly 20% of all phone reservations from the GolfNow Answers Reservation Center were made after normal business hours. Sampling 59 random golf courses, we discovered that only 18 directed the caller to visit their website for tee time reservations, while the remaining 41 golf courses failed to mention anything about their online channel. 69% missed a big opportunity.

The primary reason to incorporate a greeting with proper information is to capitalize on the revenue from golfers who might want to book after your staff has gone home for the day. Your pro shop may close at 7:00, but your website is constantly open for business.

There are 4 key items your voicemail greeting should include

  • The course name
  • Online tee time availability
  • Your website URL
  • Remind golfers that they can find your best rates online

Feel free to include other items, such as membership options and social events, but be sure to keep the message short and easy to understand.

When you’re not available to answer the phone, it’s important to set your course up for success. A golfer who calls after hours obviously wants to book, and offering them a way to do so will help you grow your business – even when you’re away from the clubhouse.

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by: Yanni Vretas, Plus Specialist and Jonathan Hindes, Plus Specialist 

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Daily golf course management best practice #5 – Know the cost of membership

Most golf courses offer some type of program which allows the golfer to pay a flat fee and play an unlimited number of rounds. It is crucial to know how many “program” rounds are played and what the average rate is for these rounds. The program rounds rate should be compared to the non-program rounds rate at the daypart level, which will help to determine if the programs should be altered. While knowing the average program rate by golfer can be difficult, it enables you to perform the most precise analysis.

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Daily golf course management best practice #4 – Using utilization information

Knowing rounds, revenue and utilization by daypart will help to tell the full daily story. Many small business operators record a daily diary post. The post includes highlights, lowlights, weather and sales data information. If the data is limited to rounds and revenue sold for the day, the operator is not recording enough data to help inform future decisions. All golf operators should establish consistent dayparts and always view the business by dayparts. This will help in finding opportunities for rate increases, round increases and staffing improvements. Below is an example report including dayparts.

Plus Post 2.2

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Golfers vote for favorite courses in DJ sweepstakes

DustinJohnson-sweeps540Nearly 200,000 entries already have poured in to the Drive with Dustin Johnson sweepstakes from golfers hoping for their chance to play with the world No. 1. But they are not the only ones who could be teeing it up with DJ. When golfers enter to win, they have the opportunity to select their favorite golf course for an extra sweepstakes entry. And if your course gets the most votes, a grand-prize package will be yours, too! You and a guest will have the opportunity to play one of Florida’s hottest courses with Dustin Johnson, as well as put some custom TaylorMade clubs in your bag.

So far, more than 30,000 golfers have voted for their favorite course, and the competition looks to be heating up, with leading vote-getters located in the southeast, California and the Southwest. But not to fear. There’s more than four weeks left, so you still have time to get your golfers motivated!

Here’s how:  print out the sweepstakes poster and encourage your golfers to enter the Drive with Dustin Johnson sweepstakes from GolfNow. When they enter on, they will have a chance to vote for your course.

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Daily golf course management best practice #3 – Be transparent about pricing

As more golf courses adopt variable and dynamic pricing strategies, it is important for everyone to understand how the pricing decisions are made. Golfers appreciate learning about opportunities to save by making reservations further in advance, and they will respond favorably to easy-to-understand pricing explanations. Here’s a good example found on the Tiffany Greens Golf Club website:

Plus Post 3

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