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Daily golf course management best practice #2 – The importance of conversion rates

Always know your website conversion rates. Conversion rate is a simple calculation; just divide “transactions” by page visits. Keep in mind that transactions can be purchases, opt-ins, referrals and others. You can think of a transaction as the customer ultimately taking the action you wanted them to. The most important of the various conversion rates is the booking engine conversion rate. If 100 people visited your booking engine webpage and 12 of them bought a tee time, the conversion rate would be 12%. Booking engines used by Plus clients have Google analytics code installed, and the analyses are enabled for e-commerce tracking.


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Daily golf course management best practice #1 – Analyzing rounds and revenue by method

Running a small- or medium-sized business presents lots of challenges. Most businesses fortunate enough to survive beyond year three use consistent processes and management techniques to help deliver a great product or service to their clients. As consumer behavior changes and competitive businesses up their games, it’s important to reexamine best practices and be sure to keep the golf course on the cutting edge when it comes to daily management. Here are ideas to consider, all leading to improved operations, loyalty and bottom line. Watch the blog for continuing posts in this series of 10 not-so-common items that businesses like yours should keep an eye on.

  1. On a weekly basis, analyze and record rounds and revenue by method. Method refers to how golfers are making reservations. Popular methods include walk-in, telephone and website. The more you know about method of booking, the more precisely you can plan pricing and staffing. Here’s an example of a rounds and revenue method report for a golf course using our Plus service.

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Inaugural Plus Performance Center big hit with operators


A Golf Channel studio tour was part of the Plus Performance Center workshop.


GolfNow recently hosted the first Plus Performance Center workshop—complete with tutorials and hands-on guidance—designed to ensure that course partners are getting the most out of their investment. Devised by our in-house golf business experts, the workshop was structured to help attendees better understand and utilize their Plus Toolkit and put it to work for their operations.

The June session quickly filled to capacity and feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive.  Another workshop has been scheduled for July.

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Finding revenue on the other side of a storm

Nearly every challenge brings an opportunity along for the ride. For example, Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk discuss opportunity available to those prepared for a Wall Street crash in episode 242 of The #ASKGARYVEE Show. “A crash is one of the greatest economic times of your life – if you’re prepared for it,” Robbins says. The taping was part of Robbin’s tour to promote his book, “Unshakeable,” and the video is a good watch.

Revenue Specialists in the golf industry know that the same is true when thinking about short-term, low-revenue periods related to storms. When hurricanes or tropical depressions negatively impact tee time consumption, we very often see an upward spike in consumption following the storm. Understanding why—specific to consumption—is key to turning these moments into wins. In other words, being ‘prepared’.

First, we have to acknowledge the constant demand for tee times. Demand rises and falls with various factors, but there is almost always some level of demand; in other words, golfers want to be out on the course. When a storm with a maximum three-day consumption impact rolls through a region, there is a corresponding spike in consumption that follows – and this is when the “prepared” win. The two days following a significant storm are some of the best days of the year to hold or, at times, increase tee time rates.

If you would like to learn more about how the Plus team at GolfNow maximizes these moments for their clients, reach out to your GolfNow representative today or visit

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July dates for Plus Performance Center announced

If you didn’t have an opportunity to participate in the inaugural Plus Performance Center taking place this week at Golf Channel’s world headquarters in Orlando, you have another chance. The first session quickly filled to capacity, so we’ve added a second workshop, scheduled for July 10-12. If you’re a golf course operator using GolfNow Plus Toolkit, the Plus Performance Center is your chance to discover the best ways to put this proprietary technology to work for you, with hands-on training and expert consultation. The Toolkit offers guidance and more than 10 data-driven enhancements that work in concert, ranging from algorithmic pricing to sales pipelines.  If you’re not getting the most out of this technology, the workshop is just the thing to help you drive rounds and maximize revenue. Lodging for this invitation-only event will be provided by Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge, and you’ll also have the opportunity to check out Golf Channel’s production facility and studios.  Contact your GolfNow representative for more information.

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