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GolfNow’s “Imagery” polishes course websites and other marketing communications

With golfers searching for places to play on laptops, mobile phones and tablets, the need to portray the uniqueness of your course is more critical than ever. Nothing showcases your layout and amenities like high-quality photography and videography, and GolfNow has a way to capture your course looking its best.

From signature course features to stunning panoramas, GolfNow’s professional photo and video service provides you with high-quality imagery and videos that can make your website, social media, emails and everything else stand out.

If you were to contract an experienced course photographer for quality shots with full usage rights, you might expect to pay upwards of $20,000, and that doesn’t even include the high-resolution aerial video.

But for less than the cost of one golf car in your fleet — and with many more ways to pay for it — you can have 5-6 professional photos and a minute or more of video showing your course in all its glory.

Contact your GolfNow representative to find out how we can help make your course stand apart. Learn more about our Imagery service at

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Go Play WeekN2KServices

New season, new opportunities

GolferswingWith the Masters’ exciting finish, golf caught the eye of the entire sports world. Inspired golfers are taking their clubs out of storage and are primed to get out and play for the first time this year. With the majority of golf courses around the country now open for business, operators are searching for solutions to leverage this excitement and bring more golfers through their doors.

Nearly 1,000 courses across North America are participating in Go Play Week, May 1-5, hoping to attract new customers and provide their current golfers with something extra special. Beginning with the World’s Largest Golf Outing on May 1, many have also chosen to host one or more of the other themed days, which are designed for beginners, women, family and equipment junkies.

More courses than ever are incorporating GolfNow services into their business operations, helping them sell more rounds while saving money in the process. More than 1,000 course partners currently are benefiting from the performance platform offered by GolfNow’s Plus, which provides them with expert consultation and proprietary technology to help manage their businesses in a very competitive marketplace. Ride by GolfNow can save courses up to 35% on their business purchases, lowering overhead on more than just food and beverage. Several of the notable recent additions to Ride — which is free to all of our course partners — include agronomy products, such as fertilizer and chemicals needed to maintain prime course conditions; technology; fresh, locally picked produce; and environmental services.

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Set up for a season of savings

GolfNow Ride 2017With the heart of golf season on the way (along with summer weather), now is the time to plan your season purchases with Ride. Planning ahead—from Easter brunch necessities to snacks, produce, paper goods, fertilizer and everything in between—will help you take full advantage of the discounts that are part of your membership in Ride.

Discounted rates on food, supplies and more are already loaded up in the purchasing portal, making it easy to get ready for the season.

And if you are not already taking advantage of the 6-35% savings, ask your GolfNow representative how you can lower your bottom line right now with Ride.

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Players 1stServices

Players 1st: Exclusive savings for GolfNow course partners

During the late summer of 2016, a number of GolfNow’s sales and marketing leaders were meeting offsite, sharing individual goals and challenges and building collaboration skills. Because it’s all too rare for this group to be together without the distractions of the day-to-day, the group invited several outside the company to present what they’re doing as well.

One of the visitors came from a European firm just beginning to offer its service to golf courses in North America.

Players 1st is a self-described “player experience platform” that will help a golf course retain customers and “empower your organization — from greenkeeper to front desk.” Here’s a brief introduction video from the website.

When several of GolfNow’s leaders went through the demo, they were impressed, especially with the breadth of golfer feedback the platform gives to operators, delivered via an online, real time dashboard. In addition, the platform allows for competitive benchmarking so that an operator can compare his course’s performance against other courses in the area that are also collecting customer data.

Through a special offer, GolfNow course partners can take advantage of an exclusive price for Players 1st, a significant savings from the normal monthly fee. For less than the cost of a single round at many courses, you can know how you rate against your competition, how golfers like your greens, bunkers — even your hamburgers. Plus, there’s a trial offer for 30 days at no charge.

Summary of features and special offer for GolfNow course partners.

Summary of features and special offer for GolfNow course partners.

How much do you know about how your golfers and the experience they had at your course? With Players 1st you can know everything.

To learn more about Players 1st, visit the website. And to earn GolfNow’s exclusive pricing for Players 1st, use the promo coupon code “GolfNow.”

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