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Players 1st: Exclusive savings for GolfNow course partners

During the late summer of 2016, a number of GolfNow’s sales and marketing leaders were meeting offsite, sharing individual goals and challenges and building collaboration skills. Because it’s all too rare for this group to be together without the distractions of the day-to-day, the group invited several outside the company to present what they’re doing as well.

One of the visitors came from a European firm just beginning to offer its service to golf courses in North America.

Players 1st is a self-described “player experience platform” that will help a golf course retain customers and “empower your organization — from greenkeeper to front desk.” Here’s a brief introduction video from the website.

When several of GolfNow’s leaders went through the demo, they were impressed, especially with the breadth of golfer feedback the platform gives to operators, delivered via an online, real time dashboard. In addition, the platform allows for competitive benchmarking so that an operator can compare his course’s performance against other courses in the area that are also collecting customer data.

Through a special offer, GolfNow course partners can take advantage of an exclusive price for Players 1st, a significant savings from the normal monthly fee. For less than the cost of a single round at many courses, you can know how you rate against your competition, how golfers like your greens, bunkers — even your hamburgers. Plus, there’s a trial offer for 30 days at no charge.

Summary of features and special offer for GolfNow course partners.

Summary of features and special offer for GolfNow course partners.

How much do you know about how your golfers and the experience they had at your course? With Players 1st you can know everything.

To learn more about Players 1st, visit the website. And to earn GolfNow’s exclusive pricing for Players 1st, use the promo coupon code “GolfNow.”

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