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More courses sign on for growth

Providing our golfers with thousands of courses to choose from is a tremendous accomplishment, but helping to grow the game also requires providing our courses with the technology and support they need to thrive.

That’s where our Plus team comes in, proud to be celebrating a major milestone for GolfNow’s top-of-the-line consultative service. With the heart of the season about to begin nationwide, we are excited to have recently surpassed 1,000 course partners who rely on the Plus by GolfNow platform. Our dedicated team of experts and professionals is privileged to provide courses with service and support tailored to their specific needs.

To learn more about all of the benefits available to your course with Plus, visit the site or contact your GolfNow representative.

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Your course management multi-tool: Plus Communication Center

Know more to grow more

The Plus Communication Center is like a trusty multi-tool for course operators—always handy, always useful and invaluable in a number of ways. The cloud-based collection of business intelligence and management tools can be customized to your golf course’s specific needs, and a use license is included for each of the primary Plus contacts at your business.

Dive in and take a look at the breakdown below to better understand the Communication Center’s capabilities.


The starting point for every session, your home page displays high-level performance dashboards as well as daily tasks and meeting agendas for today, tomorrow and the week ahead.



Communicating with your GolfNow Plus team members is simple thanks to the integrated, social media-style platform. Post messages, requests and notes, and be sure your contact is alerted by “at messaging” (@) them in your post.


Your unique group allows you to post files and communicate with people associated with your golf course group. This is the perfect place to review photos of the course, post reports you want to share with the team and find contact info for any individual tied to your group.

Leads, Accounts & Opportunities

Integration with our Communication Center partner,, means you have full access to the world’s #1 sales platform and hierarchy. Have a lead you want to pursue for an outing or golf league? Great! Build a sales opportunity or use our lead collection form to automatically fill out the information you need. Either way, your sales will be streamlined with an organized and professional system, and you’ll be better prepared to close deals.

Dashboards & Reports


Since your communication center is cloud-based, you have access to it 24/7. You don’t have to contact an account manager for your data—simply log in and find your reports about weather and playable days.

You also have access to sales opportunity, rounds and revenue reports. Our dashboards allow you to establish forecasts and track your progress against your goals each day for better planning and adjustments whenever they are needed.

Phone Rates

Would you like your staff to be able to quote dynamic tee time rates—controlled by you and your team—over the phone? With your team logged in and using the Communication Center, they can do just that. Integrated functionality automatically updates dynamic rate information, making it available the instant it’s needed. That ensures that your staff is always up to date and your revenue potential is always optimized no matter where the golfer comes from.



Your business’ reputation is a complex machine with a lot of moving parts, and it requires an organized and thoughtful management strategy. The Plus Communication Center provides a one-stop destination for up-to-date information about customer experiences and reviews, as well as your staff’s interactions and responses. From tweets to blog posts, articles and more, you can monitor mentions of your business and get the immediate insight you need to ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

In your “reputation” tab you will find a complete, digital-listings management platform that alerts you to directory errors about your golf course and provides corrective options. We provide a full recap of posted and shared digital media including Instagram posts, as well as photos posted to directory services and other social media platforms such as Facebook and Yelp.

To help organize these management issues in an easy-to-understand layout, we have arranged all of your team’s To-Dos in a workflow tab. This points out the urgent and not-so-urgent tasks that your team should tackle, and it helps keep track of all their accomplishments.

gnc-inside-toolkitGolfNow Central

We know that staying on top of inventory rates and availability is the biggest piece of the course management puzzle. That is why we have installed our GolfNow Central platform directly into your communication center. When you click on “GNC” you will be automatically logged into your account and ready to make whatever update your business requires. Having fewer usernames and passwords to keep track of is never a bad thing.


With all of the information here about the Plus Communication Center, you’re no doubt eager to jump right in and get started no matter what time it is. If for some reason your Plus team is not available for questions when you have them, be sure to click on the Help/Support tab here on the site. There you’ll find numerous videos and documents designed to help you navigate your Communication Center at your speed, whenever it’s convenient.

Thank you for taking a deeper look at our GolfNow Plus Communication Center. We will always be working to improve and grow this valuable tool, so if you have ideas or questions be sure to contact your local market sales manager or send us a note at

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