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Success through direct communication

Email communications are already in use by nearly every type of business, but history shows that they can be particularly effective for the golf industry. Communicating directly with customers, especially when you have a terrific offer or event to promote, is one of the best ways to reach golfers and inspire them to book or participate.

The success of Golf Channel and GolfNow’s Let’s Play Golf week a couple of months ago was made possible in part by email marketing. Not only did communications sent by partner courses help to drive the registration numbers and awareness of the events, but the emails themselves were particularly effective.

While some industries achieve average open rates of just 10-11%, the messages sent by courses as part of Let’s Play Golf week achieved an open rate of more than 16%, resulting in greater awareness and engagement for each of the themed activities.


email template July 4

Email templates like this one promoting Independence Day are a great way to drive awareness and generate bookings.


Combining your course’s special events, promotions and more with the robust email marketing tools that GolfNow offers can make every golf season a successful one. For more information, contact your GolfNow representative.

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Know your systems status

Our GolfNow Cares team wants to ensure that you have the tools you need to enhance your partner experience. One of the most important tools is our System Status Page located on GolfNow Business, .

The System Status page is where you can check the real-time status of all GolfNow systems, confirming any potential widespread performance issues. Bookmark this page, and learn more about additional support tools at the GolfNow support site, .

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Tips for tech success

Tech SuccessSpring has sprung, and golfers are ready to help you fill your tee sheet. There are a number of resources available to ensure that your technology stays up and running, and one of the most important is TeamViewer.

TeamViewer software can quickly be downloaded and installed from the top of our support page before any needs arise. Once installed, our technicians are able to remotely access your system to better diagnose any issues and get you back up and running at full speed.

Learn more about additional support tools to help you get ready for the summer at the GolfNow support site.

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Season Template – Tee Sheet Setup

If you’re in a cold-weather market, the coming of spring is a welcome boost to your tee sheet. Golfers cooped up for the winter will be anxious to dust off their clubs and head out to your course for their first tee shot of new year. The GolfNow Cares Team wants to make sure you have the proper tools to guide you in making some of those necessary tee sheet changes. The GolfNow Business Support page is a great place to start for our step-by-step tee sheet setup procedures.

Need more assistance? Feel free to call GolfNow Cares at 844-800-4653.

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