Golf Advisor has become an integral tool that helps course operators stay aware of customer satisfaction in the form of ratings and reviews. With the growth of Golf Advisor over the last several years, more and more golfers—from new players to veterans of the sport—are using the site to share their thoughts and find the best places to play.

In order to ensure that Golf Advisor provides the most accurate and useful ratings and reviews for your business, we are implementing a new logic to ensure that the ratings better reflect your efforts, improvements and more.

While many sites aggregate all reviews and produce a simple rating from that number, this “all-time” average does not take important factors into account. For example, a recent upgrade or management change that has improved your course might be reflected in the most recent reviews, but the hundreds of older reviews would outweigh those high ratings.

GA-ReviewSystemBy shifting to a “Golf Advisor Rating Index,” recent reviews will have more importance and a higher value than older ones, which will better reflect your continued efforts to provide golfers with a truly memorable playing experience.

Our new index gives golf course operators like you more credit for your efforts, as well as ratings that genuinely reflect the work you do every day. And it creates more opportunities for new golfers to help your course climb the rankings and be discovered by players from around the world.

Contact your GolfNow representative for more information about how this recent shift will recognize your efforts and help your ratings climb.

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