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Billing tab

Available to:  Admins, Reservationist
Optional Permissions Required:  None
System Settings Required:  None

The Billing tab contains billing information on file for the customer. Use this tab to enter a customer’s credit card information, a checking account for transferring (ACH/EFT), and/or enable a credit account.
Billing Tab

Credit card

Keep the customer’s credit card on file for future purchases and recurring membership fees.

  • Integrated merchant processing is required to charge credit cards in Golfnow One.
  • You can store up to 3 credit cards per customer.
  • You can only see the last four digits of a credit card number stored in your system.



  • Name on Card: The name as it appears on the customer’s bank statement.
  • Number: The credit card number. When the credit card successfully saves, the credit card number will convert to an encrypted number.
  • Expires: The credit card expiration date.


Golfnow One does not facilitate automatic electronic fund transfers (EFTs or ACH transfers) between bank accounts. The data entered in this section is for record-keeping only. If you use ACH and EFT transactions as a method of recurring payments, enter Golfer’ banking information in this section and use the ACH reports in the Reports tab to export the banking data to another accounting system.



  • Enable ACH/EFT: Allows a credit account to be created for the customer.
  • Checking Account Number: The customer’s checking account number. A checking account number is the second number at the bottom of a check.
  • Bank Routing: The customer’s bank routing number. The bank routing number is the first number at the bottom of a check.
  • Bank Name: The name of the customer’s bank.

Credit Account

Set up a credit account for the customer.


  • Use Account Balance As Preferred Payment Type: The credit account will be the default payment type on file for all transactions.
  • Credit Limit: Enter the maximum amount a customer can charge to their credit account.
  • When #% of Credit Limit is Reached: The percent of the customer’s credit limit to reach when you can charge the customer for the outstanding balance. Note: Capacity must be between 5% and 95%.
  • Charge To: Enter the customer’s credit card that will be used to pay for outstanding credit account balances.
  • Share Credit Account With: Added additional members that can utilize the shared credit account.
  • Secondary Account Holders: Lists the additional members that can utilize the shared credit account. You can remove members within this section.

NOTE: You must save the credit account setting prior to adding any shared members to the account.

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