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Credit accounts

Available to: Admins
Optional Permissions Required: None
System Settings Required: None

A customer credit account, also known as a house account, is a payment type that allows an account or prepayment balance.

Integrated merchant processing recommended

Creating a credit account for a Customer

  1. Find the customer.
  2. Go to the Billing tab of the customer’s profile.
  3. Select Yes for Enable Credit Account.
  4. Additional settings will appear.
  5. Use Account Balance As Preferred Payment Type – Select Yes to set the credit account as the default payment type for all of this customer’s orders.
  6. Credit Limit – Enter the maximum amount a customer can charge to their credit account. For example, if the credit limit is $100, the customer can charge up to $100 to their credit account.
  7. When # % of credit limit is reached – Enter the percent of the customer’s credit limit to reach when you can charge the customer for the outstanding balance.
    Note: Capacity must be between 5% and 95%
  8. Charge to – Enter a credit card that will be used to charge customer

Credit accounts

Check a customer’s account balance

You can quickly retrieve a customer’s account balance in their customer profile. The account balance can be found on the left sidebar.

Credit Limit

The amount listed here is the available line of credit that your business has granted the customer.

On Account

The amount listed here is the customer pre-paid funds that your business is holding for future redemption.

On Credit

The amount listed here is the line of credit that the customer has used.

If the account balance is a negative number

The customer has spent more than the On Account amount and is drawing from their allocated Credit Limit. The customer owes the business.

If the account balance is a positive number

The customer overpaid, prepaid, added more credit to the account. Your business is holding the customer’s money for future redemption.

If the account balance is 0

The customer has neither paid for services on credit nor added additional payment on account.
The customer can charge orders to his/her account.

Use credit account balance as a form of payment

If the customer wants to use his/her account to pay for an order, select the credit account in the Add Payment section of the New Order page, under Payment on File.

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