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Details tab

The Details tab stores various personal data about the customer. The more details you save about a customer, the more you can customize their experience.

Only a few fields are required: First Name, Last Name, Email Address and/or Phone Number. Adding information like the customer’s birthday, booking alerts, and referrals will help you understand your customer base and target them with specific offers.

Details tab

Name and contact information

Field Description
First Name The customer’s first name.
Last Name The customer’s last name.
Email The customer’s email address. Either an email address or phone number is required.
Country The customer’s country. If your business is located in the United States, it will default to United States.

Communication preferences

Field Description
Preferred Contact The customer’s preferred method of contact.
Receive Emails Check to send Customer Emails and/or MailChimp Marketing Mail to the customer, if enabled.
Receive SMS Check to send SMS/text message appointment and wait list confirmations to the customer.
Email Types Field appears if Receive Emails is selected and if you have an integrated MailChimp account.Check Golfnow One to send the customer Customer Emails. Check Marketing to include the customer in your MailChimp email list.

In the example below, the customer prefers to be contact by email and will receive all communications, including customer emails, MailChimp Marketing Mail, and SMS notifications.

Booking alerts

Booking Alerts

Mark as inactive

Golfer with a history of activity with your business recorded in Golfnow One (past appointments and purchases of any kind) cannot be deleted. Marking them as inactive hides them from your list and unsubscribes them from all communications.

Birthday, anniversary, occupation, and gender

Field Description
The customer’s birthday If enabled, the customer will receive the Happy Birthday customer email on this date.
Anniversary The customer’s wedding anniversary.Hint: You can use this field to keep track of any other notable date relevant to your business, like the date of an injury or last physical. This field can be useful if you want to create a custom view with Anniversary as a column, and then list it as a report for your own tracking.
Occupation The customer’s job title or industry.
Gender Select Not Specified, Female, or Male. You can require Golfer to select a gender when they book.

Address Information

Billing address and shipping address

Address information

Account Login

Customer’s login information for your online booking, eCommerce, and membership pages. If the customer calls and forgets their login information, go to this section to set a new login or password.

Account login

Field Description
Login The customer’s login for your online booking, eCommerce, and membership pages. By default, this is their email address.
Password The customer’s password. Click Change to change the password.
Login Alert Enter a message that displays when a customer logs into their account.
Preferences The employee and/or staff gender the customer prefers for tee times pages. By default, this is their email address.
Preferred Staff The customer’s preferred employee for services. Use this field to select an employee.If a Reservationist checked the lock or star icons when booking an appointment, the employee will be automatically selected from the drop-down menu.
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