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Gift Certificates page

Available to: Admins, Reservationists
Optional Permissions Required: None
System Settings Required: None

The Gift Certificates/Cards page in the Orders tab is where you can find and manage gift certificates and gift cards already purchased by customers. From this page, you can easily see the sender, recipient, balance, expiration date, and redemption status of each gift certificate and gift card.


If “Locations Can Edit Gift Certificate Balances” is enabled within the Brand Settings, locations can perform the following actions for any purchased gift certificate or gift card.

Action Where Description
Search Search Criteria Use the Search Criteria fields at the top of the page to look up a purchased gift certificate or gift card.
Change Expiration Date Date Expires column Change the expiration date of the gift certificate or gift card.
Change Balance Balance column Balance Balance columnChange the remaining balance of the gift certificate or gift card.
History Actions column Open a complete history of the gift certificate or gift card in your system, including when it was purchased and when it was fully or partially redeemed.
Print PDF Actions column Generate a printable PDF of any gift certificate with an available balance.
Email Actions column Email a PDF of the gift certificate to any email address.
Void Actions column Void the gift certificate or gift card. Voiding erases the balance as a form of payment.
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