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How do I add a new product?

Available to: Admins, Products
Optional Permissions Required: None
System Settings Required: None

This page explains how to add a new product in the Products tab.

Step 1: Enter basic information

  1. Go to the Products tab then Manage Products.
  2. Click +New Product.
  3. Name – Enter a name for the product.
  4. Category – Select a category that best fits the product.
  5. Subcategory – Select a subcategory that best fits the product.
  6. Brand – Select the product’s brand.
  7. Description – Enter a description of the product.
  8. Thumbnail – Upload a thumbnail image of the product for reference.
    • Recommended image size: 100px by 100px
  9. Picture – Upload a picture of the product for reference.
    • Recommended image size: 400px by 400px
  10. Ingredients – List all ingredients here, if applicable.
  11. Local Tax – Set an individual tax rate for this product. This field only displays if Tax Settings are set to Flexible.
  12. Click Continue.

Step 2: Set inventory, pricing, and vendor info

The next page that appears is where you add the product to your inventory. The settings entered here affect how the product interacts with other areas of GolfNow One, such as retail/point of sale, services, commission, and purchase orders.

  1. SKU – The product SKU. This is automatically generated, but you can manually change it.
  2. Barcode – The barcode, so it can be scanned with a barcode wireless barcode scanner. This is automatically generated, but you can manually change it by scanning the barcode with your wireless barcode scanner:Add a barcode using the barcode scanner
    1. Delete the automatically generated number in the Barcode field first.
    2. Place your cursor in the Barcode field.
    3. Point the red laser 3-6 inches from the barcode.
    4. Press and hold the top button on the scanner until you hear a beep. The barcode
  3. Vendor – Select a vendor if vendors are already added to the Manage Vendors page. Selecting a vendor ties the product’s inventory to purchase orders.
  4. Size/Vol – Enter a product size and volume if applicable.
  5. Color – Enter a product color, if applicable.

Step 3: Select Add-On

Options field:

Add-On – Check to make this product an add-on. This field is typically reserved for popular or best-selling products. Add-ons appear in the Quick Add list on the orders page so they can added to an order in one click.

Step 4: Add pricing and commission structure

  1. Buy Price – Enter the product’s initial purchase price.
  2. Sell Price – Enter the product’s retail price or MSRP.
  3. Commission – Select and enter a Percentage or Flat Amount for product commission. To track commission for product sales, Employees must have Per Product Fee in the Compensation & Benefits tab in System Settings > Services > Employee profile.
  4. Shipping – Select and enter a Default, Flat, or Free shipping fee. Selecting Default will assume that the shipping fee is included in the item price.will appear in the field.

Step 5: Add stock levels and inventory alerts

When enabled in System Settings > Internal Notifications, GolfNow One can send automatic email and/or SMS alerts to help you keep track of inventory. To ensure inventory alerts are delivered, set appropriate permissions in System Settings > Internal Notifications > Orders / Products.

  1. Stock – Enter the amount of this product currently in stock. Unlimited can be selected.
  2. Low – Enter how many items left until the stock is considered low. Check Alert when level is reached if you want to send Low Inventory alerts when the level is reached.
  3. Reorder – Enter how many items left until you are prompted to reorder. Check Alert when level is reached if you want to send Reorder alerts.
  4. PAR – Enter the target stock level your business aims to maintain to meet demands. Check Alert when level is reached if you want to send PAR alerts when the level is reached.
  5. Out – Check Alert when Out of Stock to send an alert when the product is out of stock.

Step 6: Save / Save & Add Another

When finished, you have three options:

  1. Click Save to save the product and return to the Manage Products page.
  2. Click Save & Add Another to save the current iteration and add a product variant.
  3. Click Cancel to not add the product to inventory and return to the Manage Products page
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