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How do I change an employee’s schedule?

Available to: Admins, User Managers
Optional Permissions Required: None
System Settings Required: None

To change your regular or week-to-week schedule, just use the Schedules tab.

One-time changes

One-time changes to an employee schedule can include a sick day, personal day, longer or shorter hours, or a switch with another employee. Any change to a schedule that will not apply in other weeks can be made from the Schedules tab by selecting that week from a drop-down menu.

  1. Go to the Schedules tab then Employee Schedules.
  2. Select the affected week from the Select Week drop-down menu.
    Employee schedules-1
  3. Click on an employee’s name in the left column.
    Employee schedules-2
  4. Change a day or time in the employee’s schedule:
    • Day Type

      Use the Day Type drop-down menus to select if the day is a workday, day off, vacation day, sick day, or training day.
      Working hours

    • Notes

      Click a speech bubble to add any notes about the schedule change.

    • Work Hours

      Use the Start Time and End Time drop-down menus to edit working hours for any day set to Workday
      Work hours

    • Lunch (Optional)

      Use the Start Time and End Time drop-down menus to enter the employee’s scheduled lunch time. This time will be blocked out on the calendar and labeled “Lunch.”

    <li>Ignore Schedule Conflicts (Not recommended) – When this box is checked, the system will not alert you if there are conflicts with the schedule changes. For example, if the employee has a lesson scheduled for next Wednesday and you chose Day Off on Wednesdays, the system will keep the keep that lesson scheduled for that employee anyway.

  5. Click Save and Back to Schedules.
  6. Repeat for each employee who has a change in their schedule.

Permanent schedule changes

To make a change to the employee’s regular schedule, select Regular Schedule from the Select Week drop-down menu.

Working hours

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