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How do I enter our regular employee schedule?

Available to: Admins, User Managers
Optional Permissions Required: None
System Settings Required: None

This page explains how to set default schedules for employees at your location. To ensure appointments are booked and payroll calculates correctly, it’s important to keep each employee’s schedule accurate and up to date.

Set a weekly, biweekly, or four-week scheduling pattern

Your business may have the same weekly schedule for each employee, switch every other week, or have a four-week alternating schedule. The schedule is Weekly by default. If Biweekly or Four Weeks is selected, default employee schedule pages will have two or four weeks to set. To change to another scheduling pattern:

  1. Go to System Settings then General Settings.
    General settings
  2. Scroll down to Regular Schedule.
  3. Select a scheduling pattern:
    • Select Weekly if your schedule tends to be the same week to week.
    • Select Biweekly if your schedule repeats every other week.
    • Select Four Weeks if your schedule changes every four weeks.

    Regular schedule

  4. Click Save.

Select a week start day (Sunday or Monday)

Your business may count Monday as the official start of the week or it may count Sunday as the official start of the week. You can select the best week start day pattern in this section. To select a default week start day:

  1. Go to System Settings then General Settings.
    General settings
  2. Scroll down to Week Start.
  3. Select Sunday or Monday.
    Employee schedule
  4. Click Save

Create a default schedule for each employee

After the Regular Schedule pattern is selected, create default schedules for each employee. Changes can be made at any time.

  1. Go to the Schedules tab then Employee Schedules.
  2. Select Regular Schedule from the Select Week drop-down menu.
    Employee schedules
  3. Click on an employee’s name in the left column to access his/her schedule.
    Employee schedules
  4. Complete the employee’s schedule:
  5. Day Type – Use the Day Type drop-down menus to select if the day is a workday or day off. Vacation day, personal day and sick day are also available as options but are more likely used for week-to-week schedule changes.
  6. Work Hours – Use the Start Time and End Time drop-down menus to select working hours.
  7. Lunch (Optional) – Use the Start Time and End Time drop-down menus to enter the employee’s scheduled lunch time. This time will be blocked out on the calendar and labeled Lunch.
    Working hours
  8. Update schedule starting the week of – Select when the changes to the schedule will take effect.
  9. Ignore Schedule Conflicts – When this box is checked, the system will not alert you if there are conflicts with the schedule changes. For example, if the employee has a lesson scheduled for next Wednesday and you chose Day Off on Wednesdays, the system will keep the keep that lesson scheduled for that employee anyway.
  10. Click Save and Back to Schedules.
  11. Repeat for each scheduled employee.
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