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How do I override a price?

Available to: Admins, Reservationists
Optional Permissions Required: Reservationists > Allow Price Override
System Settings Required: None

You can override the price of individual item(s) in an order.

  1. Click anywhere on the line item in the order.How do I override a price-1
  2. The fields in the line will become editable.
  3. In the Final Price column, enter a new final price, or use the % option in the drop-down menu to enter a discount.
  4. If a percent override is entered, the price adjusts automatically to reflect the discount.How do I override a price-2
  5. Select an override reason from the drop-down menu, if enabled.
  6. Click Save.
  7. The override reason (if enabled) and override amount will appear in the Adjustment column.
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