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How do I print barcode labels?

Available to: Admins, Products
Optional Permissions Required: None
System Settings Required: None

This page explains how to print inventory labels directly from GolfNow One.

Label Required: Avery Template #5167 / #5267 / #5667 / #8167 (½” tall x 1¾” wide)

Recommended Browser: Mozilla Firefox

Select Products for Labels

  1. Go to the Products tab then Manage Products.
  2. Use the Search fields to find the products that need labels. Use the checkboxes to select the products.
  3. Click Print Inventory Labels.
    How do I print barcode labels-1

Select Label Content/Layout

On the Print Inventory Labels page that appears, select the content to add to the barcode labels.

How do I print barcode labels-2

Product Name


How do I print barcode labels-3


How do I print barcode labels-4

Don’t display Product Name

How do I print barcode labels-5


Display Price

How do I print barcode labels-6

Don’t Display Price

How do I print barcode labels-7

Select Quantity of Labels & Print

  1. Enter the quantity of labels to print for each product in the Qty to Print boxes.
  2. Click Preview Labels to preview.
  3. Click Print to print the labels. This will export a copy of your labels to a PDF and open the Print window.
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Important – Set Printing Options

Set these options in the Print window to ensure the labels print correctly:

  • Page size: 8½” x 11″
  • Size options: Fit to Print
  • Orientation: Portrait
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