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Manage Orders page and your orders list

Available to: Admins, Reservationists
Optional Permissions Required: None
System Settings Required: None

The orders list on the Manage Orders page contains every paid, closed and partially paid order at your location. This page is useful for quickly viewing and taking actions on past orders. If you need to refund or void an order, you can do so from this page.

Find an order

Use the Find an Order box on the left sidebar to quickly find an order by order number, customer name, and phone number.

Manage Orders page and your orders list-1

New order

Click New Order to open a new order from this page.

The order list

When you first open this page, you’ll see all orders created in the last seven days.

Change the view and filter the list

Use the Viewing drop-down menus at the top of the page to change the orders that appear in the list.

  • View all orders or a customized view
  • View orders created in a selected date range – Any date, yesterday, tomorrow, this week, this year, last week, last month, last year, or custom date range

Use the filtering drop-down menus to limit the order list by specific criteria. These drop-down menus make it easy to only view orders that you need to see.

Manage Orders page and your orders list-2


Perform the following tasks from the Actions column:

Icon Name Function
Manage Orders page and your orders list-3 Continue If this appears, the order is fully paid, but not closed. Click to close the order.
Manage Orders page and your orders list-4 Review Open a past order. From the page that opens, you can add notes about the order, view the history of the order, print a gift receipt, email the receipt, or print the customer receipt.
Manage Orders page and your orders list-5.png Refund Refund the order
Manage Orders page and your orders list-6 Void Void the order. Available for orders placed on the same business day.

Print the order list

Click Print on the top-right corner to print the current view of orders.

Manage Orders page and your orders list-7

Switch to a saved order

When creating a new order, you can click Save for Later at the bottom of the page to save the order if you need to exit the order and come back to it. When you click Save for Later, the order will be added to this drop-down menu so you can access it any time.

Select a saved order from the drop-down menu to open it to complete or review it. The menu contains every saved order from any time.

Manage Orders page and your orders list-8

Accessing a customized view

After creating a customized view, select the desired view from the Viewing drop-down menu on the top left corner.

Manage Orders page and your orders list-9

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