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Managing vendors

Available to: Admins, Products
Optional Permissions Required: Products > Add/Edit Vendors
System Settings Required: None

Adding vendors on the Manage Vendors page of the Products tab makes generating purchase orders a breeze. Once you add a new vendor, you can associate products with supplying vendors and generate purchase orders that can be delivered to a primary vendor contact.

Add a vendor

  1. Go to the Products tab then Manage Vendors.
  2. Click Add Product Vendor.
  3. Enter basic information on the Vendor Information page. The address and email address entered on this page will populate in purchase orders you send to the vendor through GolfNow One.
  4. Click Save and Continue.
  5. Enter the vendor’s primary contact information, including First Name, Last Name, Phone, and Email. These fields are required because the information entered here will populate in purchase orders.
    Managing Vendors-1
  6. Click Save and Confirm New Vendor.
  7. Click Back to Vendors List.

Edit vendor information

If your primary contact at a vendor has changed, go to the Products tab then Manage Vendors. Click Edit in the Actions column for any vendor, and update the vendor information.

Managing Vendors-2

Next step: Associate vendors with products

Existing products

The next step is to add the vendor to every existing product in your account that the vendor supplies. The fastest way to do this is to use the bulk override products feature on the Manage Products page. After selecting the products to edit, select a vendor from the drop-down menu.

Managing Vendors-3

New products

If you’re adding a new product to your account that you receive from the new vendor, select the vendor from the drop-down menu in Step 2 of 3.

Managing Vendors-4

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