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Taking inventory manually

Available to: Admins, Products
Optional Permissions Required: Products > Take Inventory
System Settings Required: None

You may need to conduct a physical count of the stock levels at your location to check your inventory against what’s recorded in GolfNow One. When it’s time to do a physical count of your inventory, you can use printable inventory forms or upload a CSV file.

Note: If you’re only making a few adjustments to your inventory, use the Adjust Inventory feature.

Option 1: Use printable inventory forms

GolfNow One can generate printable forms to help you physically count inventory. You may call these forms “count sheets.” Each product on the sheet has a blank Inventory field where you can record the current stock levels. Once the form is complete and your inventory is counted, you can quickly enter the counts on the Take Inventory page.

  1. Go to the Products tab then Take Inventory.
  2. Click Enter Inventory Manually.
    Taking inventory manually-1
  3. Click Print Current View.
    Taking inventory manually-2
  4. This generates an inventory form you can preview, print, and hand to anyone who will be counting your inventory.
  5. Print the form, walk around your location, and fill in the Inventory column for all products.
  6. Back in GolfNow One, enter the written inventory amounts in the empty fields in the Inventory column.
  7. Click Submit Inventory Now.
    Taking inventory manually-3

Option 2: Upload a CSV file

Uploading a CSV file is an alternative way to conduct inventory counts and update the levels in GolfNow One. The only two pieces of data you’ll need to upload for each product are barcodes and current stock levels.

  1. Have your current inventory levels ready to record.
  2. Open a new file in Excel.
  3. In Column A, list every barcode of every product in your inventory.
    • Note: You can quickly copy and paste the barcodes for each of your products by running andexporting the Inventory Valuation Report.
  4. In Column B, list your current inventory count for each product.
  5. The spreadsheet should look similar to the example in the screenshot below. There should not be any column headers or additional columns; any additional data will cause errors when you upload the file to your GolfNow One account.
    Taking inventory manually-4
  6. Save the file to your desktop. When saving the file, select CSV (Comma delimited) from the Save as type menu.
    Taking inventory manually-5
  7. Back in GolfNow One, go to the Products tab then Take Inventory.
  8. Click Choose File.
    Taking inventory manually-6
  9. Select the file from your desktop.
  10. Click Upload File.
  11. Click Import and Replace Stock Levels.
    Taking inventory manually-7
  12. You will be taken to an Inventory Uploads page with the status of your upload. The upload should take a few minutes depending on the number of products you’re uploading. If the status has not changed in a few minutes, refresh the page.
  13. When the status on the Inventory Uploads page says Completed, the upload is complete. Review how many product quantities were successfully uploaded in the Stats column.
    Taking inventory manually-8
  14. Any errors, or products that did not successfully update, will be counted in the Invalid field. To review those unsuccessfully updated products, click View Errors. An Excel file will download, where you can resolve the errors and attempt to upload again.
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