All-season tips to keep your operation performing at its best

This is always a good time of the year to do a little housekeeping to ensure your golf course is performing at its best. With that in mind, the GolfNow Partner Cares team would like to share a few helpful suggestions that make good sense as the year comes to a close – but tips that also can be incorporated into your routines any time of year.

Audit and update data

Caring for your customer list is essential for a well-functioning golf course operation. After all, it’s a vital key to the success of your business. Start by auditing your list daily for duplicates and to ensure that all of the data you have captured is accurate.

Is there a tee sheet in your system that is two-years old or older? Consider purging it to make room in your database. Please note, purging the tee sheet will not delete any sales or reservation history.

Safeguard your database

If you’re currently utilizing GolfNow’s G1 cloud-based technology, this is a very simple process. Upgrades and other tasks are done automatically for you, but it’s still a great idea to keep your eye on the Tech News section on the GolfNow Business website for up-to-date information on our latest technology tools and enhancements.

If you’ve signed up to use G1 and awaiting installation – or if you are using one of GolfNow’s locally installed platforms – here are some best practices to consider:

  • Keep your databases safe by regularly completing local, removable and cloud backups. Doing this bit of housekeeping helps to ensure that your technology is protected in case of inclement weather or power outages.
  • Running your tee sheet software on a server? Another way you can be certain your database is always working for you is to keep your server in a climate-controlled environment.

All operators should consider budgeting for one new computer each year – or every other year – which will help you avoid replacing all your electronics at once and ensure you’re running GolfNow platforms on the latest computer technology.

And, lastly, a little housekeeping can go a long way. Take care of that rat’s nest of wires under the pro shop counter, and clean any grease or grime off food-and-beverage computers and wires.

For any further assistance or questions about how to boost your course’s performance, please contact GolfNow Cares at 844-800-GOLF (4653).

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