Daily golf course management best practice #1 – Analyzing rounds and revenue by method

At GolfNow, we think it’s important to reexamine best practices and to help golf course operators keep their operations on the cutting edge. That’s why we are starting this series of posts to highlight issues, common and not-so-common, that businesses need to consider if they want to improve daily management and operations, while creating greater customer loyalty and increasing their course’s bottom line.

Ask any small- to medium-size business owner what challenges he or she faces on a day-to-day basis and you will most likely hear a laundry list from staffing to cash flow to growth. What’s more, as consumer behavior continues to shift and change, it is imperative that businesses become even more competitive to stand out from the crowd.

Analyze your methods

So what makes a small- to medium-size business successful? Those businesses that survive and thrive do so by using consistent processes and management techniques that ensure they are delivering a great product and/or service to their customers. PlusBlogPostThis holds true for golf course operations, as well.

On a weekly basis, you should be analyzing and recording rounds and revenue by method. Method refers to how golfers are making reservations. Popular methods include walk-in, telephone and website. The more you know about the method golfers are using to book rounds at your course, the more precisely you can plan pricing and staffing.

Plus by GolfNow

Plus by GolfNow was created to help course operators with this process. From maximizing your course’s revenue with dynamic pricing, to tracking golfer satisfaction through social media and online reviews, the Plus service and GolfNow’s dedicated specialists are committed to helping you build a more success operation.

For instance, you can create a rounds and revenue method report for your golf course using the Plus service that details the source of the round, such as direct or third party, and then the booking method—email, website or call center. Or the Autopricing tool allows a course to set rules that will adjust their rates to match demand.

Take time to examine what processes are working for your course and why, as well as those techniques that aren’t achieving your desired goal. Ideally, you can use what you have learned to be effective to improve the areas that aren’t functioning as well. Click here to request more information about how Plus can help your course.

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