Analyzing the competition and adjusting for growth

No company can compete in business today without the best, most competitive data to help them better position themselves in their given marketplace. Golf courses are no exception. That is why for years, golf course operators have adopted a variety of strategies to keep them a step ahead of the competition. From something as simple as monitoring a competitor’s parking lot to methods that are a bit more sophisticated, the savvy golf course operator has long been focused on doing whatever he can to promote his course.

The importance of competitive analysis

You know that competitive analysis not only gives you insight into what golfers consider to be “favorable rates,” but it can also help you make data-driven decisions that enhance your bottom line and keep you ahead of shifts in demand. However, any golf course operator who has attempted to track this information on their own has quickly realized one hard truth—tracking competitive data down manually can be a huge time suck. It’s virtually impossible for most course operators to dedicate the hours required to constantly collect and analyze data on top of their other duties.


The trick is finding a resource that lets you analyze all the data, without monopolizing all your time—you have a golf course to run after all! You need a tool that helps you track information to better grow rounds, build your golfer database and increase membership and group sales.

GolfNow can help

Plus Vision is the answer for busy golf course operators who want a better way to analyze data. Consolidating all of that information into an easy-to-use tool is the goal of Plus Vision, which saves you both time and effort. Plus Vision provides real-time monitoring of online rates from multiple marketplaces in a convenient dashboard view. It automates the search and reporting functions, and it presents you with the information much more quickly so that you can make immediate adjustments and capitalize on opportunities the moment they arise.

Another great feature of Plus Vision is the filter option, which allows you to dive into the data and view nine-hole or 18-hole round information, walking and riding rounds, and more. Having that data makes it infinitely easier to fine tune the specific rates and options at your course.

Customize your Plus Vision experience

Another advantage to Plus Vision is you can decide to handle the analysis yourself or go the full service route. GolfNow will provide you with a dedicated Inventory Specialist and Brand Specialist if you want help handling your Plus Vision experience. If you go the DIY route, the Plus Toolkit gives you the same professional tools our experts use, from Autopricing for custom rate adjustments to Communication Center performance dashboards and reporting, from the Brand Management feature to follow online reviews and competition to the Social Media Monitoring tool to help you keep up with social “likes” and “follows.”

Tools like GolfNow’s Plus Vision are designed to give your business the extra advantage it needs when it comes to competitive analysis.

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