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Up-to-date information on our latest technology tools and enhancements

Addition of “Cost Plus” specials

Example: Cost Plus special within Orders tab

Based off your feedback, we have recently added the ability to create a “Cost Plus (+)” special within the G1 platform. With this new functionality, you can easily set-up a special where the sale price is determined by adding a specific markup to a product’s unit cost (for example: Cost +20%).

To learn more about this new functionality, visit the G1 support page. This new documentation will walk you through how to create and utilize these specials within the platform. If you have any additional questions about this feature, please reach out to our GolfNow Cares team at 844-800-4653.

Support documentation directly in G1

We have recently added new self-help tool within the G1 platform, which fully integrates our G1 support (how-to) documentation from the GolfNow Business website. Located at the bottom right of the screen, this new feature will allow you to easily search and view how-to articles with the click of a button. Additionally, you can now rate the usefulness of articles, providing insight on any improvements that can be made to articles to better assist your needs.

Check out the quick walkthrough of the new tool (right), and if you have any questions reach out to GolfNow Cares at 844-800-4653.

Walkthrough items

  1. Search for support documentation within the self-help tool for G1
  2. Click the respective buttons for the following: System Status, PDF user guide and Remote support
  3. View all of the G1 support documentation in this area


Tee Sheet within the G1 Orders tab

We are excited to announce that the G1 Tee Sheet and Orders tab are now integrated. This new functionality will allow you to view the tee sheet within the Orders tab to easily collect payments directly from the tee sheet. Below are some of the key benefits:

  • Faster check-in and check-out
  • Simultaneously build an order and manage the tee sheet
  • Improved group-pay and multi-pay functionality
  • Existing features and functionality are maintained

If you are interested in utilizing this new format, reach out to our GolfNow Cares team at 844-800-4653. They will be able to assist in turning on this new functionality.

Example: Tee Sheet within the Orders tab

A new look for the G1 Sales report

We are always looking for ways to improve your technology experience, especially when it comes to assisting with your golf operation.

Based off your feedback, we recently made some enhancements to the G1 platform Sales report. With this update, you can now filter your sales information by multiple views including:

  1. By department: This filter organizes sales by your product hierarchy
  2. By customer: This filter displays customer purchases in relation to your product hierarchy
  3. By product: This filter displays all product sales and the customers who have purchased the product
Sales by Customer report example

Sales by Customer report example

If you have any questions about this new enhancement, please reach out to GolfNow Cares at 844-800-4653.

Group pay enhancements

We are excited to announce that we have recently enhanced the Group Pay workflow within the G1 platform.

With this new enhancement, you can easily process multiple green fees at one time. This will eliminate the length of time it takes to process transactions for larger groups, such as: tournaments, group bookings, and more. Additionally, these changes are reflected on our re-formatted receipts which will now display green fees in quantities instead of by line item.

If you have any questions about this new improvement, please reach out to GolfNow Cares at 844-800-4653.

Orders view example

Receipt view

Updated G1 desktop user guide

We are continuously making updates to our GolfNow Business support page to ensure that you are up-to-date on any new processes and changes with our technology platforms.

One recent change includes uploading a new version of our G1 desktop user guide (updated July 2018), which includes some updates to reporting and more. This guide is an overview of the “key” features within G1, with the most important processes to help you run your operation. As G1 continues to add new features and enhancements, we will be updating the user guide to include those newly added changes.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for an updated G1 app user guide!



If you need any assistance with your G1 platform or any of our GolfNow technology products, please reach out to GolfNow Cares at 844-800-4653.

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