Getting ready for the winter season, or want to ensure that your operation is running smoothly? The GolfNow Cares team has put together some best practices that you can utilize any time of the year.

  • Keep your databases safe by regularly completing local, removable and cloud backups, helping to ensure that your technology is protected in case of inclement weather or power outages.
  • If you are running your tee sheet software on a server, ensure that it is in a climate controlled environment.
  • Take care of your customer list, as it’s a vital key to the success of your business. Be sure to audit your list daily for duplicates and accurate data.
  • Do you still have a tee sheet in your system that is two years old? Consider purging your tee sheet to make room in your database. Please note, purging the tee sheet will not delete any sales or reservation history.

For any further assistance or questions, please contact GolfNow Cares at 844-800-4653.

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