Go Play

Go-Play-Week-Banner-ads-300x250Nearly 200 courses have chosen to participate in the World’s Largest Golf Outing, taking place on Monday, May 1. Golfers, too, are anticipating the chance to join with thousands of fellow golf lovers across North America for a day of fun, camaraderie and a chance to play for something bigger than themselves. It’s a terrific chance to play golf and give back, with proceeds benefiting two worthy charities: Fisher House Foundation and Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation.

WLGO is only the first of five themed days that week. With almost 1,000 courses participating in one or more event that week, #LetsPlayGolf should be a big deal.

If you’re hosting one of the themed events, there’s still time to plus-up your participation with the “better” and “best” event packages offered by our partners at Perfect Golf Event. Learn more at http://perfectgolfevent.com/goplayweek/.

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