Buy top-quality food and beverage products for less with our group purchasing program.

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ClubBuy - awesome purchasing power, impressive savings

Operating your facility requires a constant flow of goods and services to keep things running. From breads to bratwurst and everything in between, the ClubBuy group purchasing program will lower your food and beverage expenses and help you grow the bottom line.

Go big ... and save big too

ClubBuy helps course operators save big by leveraging the buying power of Comcast, along with partnerships with suppliers nationally and locally.

Shopping made simple

US Foods’ online ordering technology, complete with delivery tracking, business analytics and a Menu Profit Builder, gives you the ability to order 24/7. And with more than 220 national brand programs in place (and counting), you’ll save on over 55,000 different food and paper products.

Painless payments

Flexible payment terms as well as special buying programs and promotions make it simple to manage your operational costs. Earn 1-2% with a new customer incentive, plus take advantage of additional rebates on drop-size, payment terms and other specific purchase types to expand your savings potential.

Sign & save

Ready to start spending less on your course’s food and beverage expenses? Simply sign a letter of participation, and we’ll get you set up in just a few weeks. Take full advantage of the ClubBuy Group Purchasing Program today and start saving as early as your first order.


ClubBuy is a proven and growing group purchasing program for materials, equipment, services, food — virtually every key purchase a golf course operation needs to make. What began as a way to extend our parent company's awesome buying power to the food and beverage purchases our course partners make has expanded into new categories including agro, technology, fresh produce and much more.

  • Go big when you can, stay small when you want

ClubBuy helps course operators save by leveraging the buying power of Comcast and relationships with hundreds of leading suppliers. And when it comes to fresh produce, ClubBuy's local produce program serves up the best and freshest food in your area.

  • Simple and convenient online ordering

The US Foods online ordering system comes complete with delivery tracking, business analytics and a simple-but-clever “Menu Profit Builder.” You can place your orders 24/7 and choose from more than 200 national brand programs and over 55,000 different food and paper products.

  • Savings served up day after day

Better prices result in significant savings, and your program may also qualify for rebates of an additional 1-2% back to your business.


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ClubBuy group purchasing program delivers bottom-line savings.

A full-bodied group purchasing program for food and beverage, agronomy, and all other golf course equipment needs...with savings from 6% to 35%.

Our promise to you

Partner Care is our commitment that whenever you face a challenge with any of our products or services, we’ll resolve it as quickly as possible, 24/7/365. That’s the way we’d want to be treated, and it’s our promise to you.

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