GolfNow can take the “Pulse” of your operation

Want a better idea of how your golfers feel about your course? Plus by GolfNow can provide all the insight you need.

Today’s consumers rarely make purchasing decisions in a vacuum, rather they have come to expect, and rely on, information from their fellow consumers. According recent studies, 97 percent rely on authentic, user-generated content to inform purchasing decisions. Shopping habits show the majority of consumers read between one and 10 reviews before making a purchase.

With Pulse technology, which is included as part of GolfNow’s Plus service, golf course operators utilizing this performance platform not only can discover how golfers feel about the various characteristics of their own golf courses, but also they can learn what golfers are saying publicly across multiple review sites, such as Yelp, Golf Advisor, Facebook and more.

This is valuable and actionable data that can be used in a variety of ways, including improving the targeting of your marketing efforts. The power of Plus is the deep knowledge and resources GolfNow makes available to you to help you grow rounds, build your golfer database and increase your membership and group sales. There are several different options to help ensure your Plus experience is a perfect fit. Soon you can be on your way to putting the power of Plus to work at your course.

Figures and facts

Pulse technology within GolfNow’s Plus service platform can reveal what your golfers are saying and how they feel about it, giving you actionable information for your golf course.


At GolfNow, we were curious about some of the sentiment we’re seeing cumulatively, with data continuously collected from the more than 1,300 courses we monitor.

A few specific examples we found particularly enlightening revealed that 72 percent of golfers over the past three months have either positive or neutral feelings about the service they have received at Florida golf courses. For a state in a northern climate, like Illinois, that figure was 79 percent. Golfers’ sentiment in both states reached even higher numbers – 76 percent in Florida, 81 percent in Illinois – in regard to golf course staff. With this type of information readily accessible, you can see why phrases such as “friendly staff” might be included in someone’s next email campaign.

Pulse is only one of the technology innovations that make up the Plus service. You will also be able to take advantage of a dedicated Inventory Specialist and a dedicated Brand Specialist — both working in concert to deliver the best Plus has to offer for your golf course. Give your GolfNow representative a call or check out the Plus page at GolfNow Business and see how it can work for you.

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