New Learning Series launches

CoursePartnerEducation17It would be impossible for a golf course owner to be an expert in every facet of your business, but that is often just what is required. From hiring and human resources to customer service, marketing, sales, landscaping and more, the number of topics you have to master is significant. Which is why we are launching a new, free learning series for course owners and operators like yourself.

With decades of golf industry experience throughout our organization, as well as countless contacts and sources for the latest business trends and tactics, the GolfNow learning series aims to provide an easy way for you to gain new approaches to growing your business.

Our first course, focusing specifically on revenue management and how it has been used throughout the travel and sports industries to optimize results, is available by clicking here or filling out the form below to get started. In it, you’ll find specific tools you can use to assess your current revenue management implementation, as well as new strategies that can help you develop a full revenue management action plan in plenty of time for next season.

If this is your first time accessing the learning series you’ll need to fill out the form below to request a username and password. You will receive your credentials within 24 hours of request.

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