Daily golf course management best practice #6 – Guide callers to your booking engine

Welcome to part six of GolfNow’s series of posts to highlight issues, common and not-so-common, that businesses need to consider if they want to improve daily management and operations, while creating greater customer loyalty and increasing their course’s bottom line.

In this post, we help you learn about formulating a telephone strategy for your operation.

Keep it personal

Sure it would be great if a live person were on hand to answer your course’s phone any time or day of the week. Obviously, that is not reality. The next best thing is to have a voicemail greeting that directs golfers to your website where they can book online 24/7. Something along the lines of: “Thank you for calling XYZ golf course. Sorry we can’t get to the phone right now, but please visit our website at www dot xyzgolfcourse dot com where you can book your tee times online 24/7.”

VoicemailIn today’s world, your course’s tee times need to be accessible no matter what. If they aren’t, you could be missing out on valuable revenue. But why does the greeting make a difference? Mainly, the proper greeting can help to capitalize on the revenue from golfers who might want to book after your staff has gone home for the day. No matter what time your pro shop closes for the night, your website is always open for business.

A better greeting

Your greeting has to contain the proper information if you want it to be effective.

There are four key items your voicemail greeting should include:

  • Course name
  • Course’s online tee time availability
  • Website URL
  • A reminder to golfers that they can find your best rates online

You’re welcome to include other items, such as membership options and social events, but don’t go overboard. It’s more important to stick to the four points above, keeping the message short and easy to understand.

Missed opportunities

Nearly 20 percent of all phone reservations taken by Answers by GolfNow were made after normal business hours. Sampling 59 random golf courses, GolfNow discovered that only 18 directed the caller to visit their website for tee time reservations, while the remaining 41 golf courses failed to mention anything about their online channel. That means almost 70 percent missed out on potential revenue.

When you’re not available to answer the phone, it’s important to set your course up for success. Any golfer who calls after hours is probably interested in booking a round. Capture that revenue by offering them a way to book online and you will be helping grow your business—even when you’re away from the clubhouse.

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