Improve the bottom line by saving money with Ride

Ride your way to saving from six to 35 percent on almost everything your operation buys.

Ask any economics professor — money saved does just as much for the bottom line as new revenue. Whether you’re a southern tier course in the midst of your high season or in a region where winter slows (or shuts down) the golf operation and the events ramp up, now’s a good time to cut costs. And cutting costs on the products you’re already buying is what GolfNow Ride is all about.

Simplicity is the order of the day when you join the Ride Program.

Consider your food and fresh produce spend. Now, imagine it 17 percent smaller. That’s the average savings realized by courses that took advantage of Ride in 2017 — a percentage that represents more than $3 million off the top. Credit the immense buying power of Comcast’s network of companies who purchase in such large quantities they get preferred pricing on hundreds of products from leading manufacturers.

Food and produce, office products, furniture, cellular voice and data services, agronomic supplies … You’re probably already buying from these companies — US Foods, Pic Rite produce network, FedEx, SynaTek Solutions and many more. Why not join Ride and start booking savings with these companies from 6 to 35 percent?

Simplicity is the order of the day when you join the Ride Program. Once you sign the agreement, your GolfNow representative will make all the arrangements within a few weeks. You could be enjoying savings with your next order.

Online ordering with US Foods is simple, too, with 24/7 access to more than 55,000 food and paper products and with delivery tracking and business analytics included. Flexible payment terms, incentives and regular promotions from suppliers add to the cost-saving power of Ride.

More than 600 golf courses are enjoying the benefits of Ride and are realizing savings with every order. Want to know what your savings might look like before jumping in? No problem. We can provide an audit of your buying patterns and deliver a custom report on where you could be saving and how much. Or, if you’re ready to start saving right now, we can get the application underway. Either way, a GolfNow Ride specialist is ready to help.

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