Daily golf course management best practice #5 – Know the cost of membership

Welcome to part five of GolfNow’s series of posts to highlight issues, common and not-so-common, that businesses need to consider if they want to improve daily management and operations, while creating greater customer loyalty and increasing their course’s bottom line.

Do you know the cost of membership? We explain why you should.

Unlimited rounds—good or bad?

Many golfers love the idea of a flat fee for unlimited rounds of golf. But is the practice the best revenue generator for your particular course?

It is crucial to know how many “program” rounds are played and what the average rate is for these rounds. The program rounds rate should be compared to the non-program rounds rate at the daypart level, which will help to determine if the programs should be altered. While knowing the average program rate by golfer can be difficult, it enables you to perform the most precise analysis.

Plus by GolfNow can help

If you are one of the many golf courses that offer some version of this flat-fee program, you could be leaving valuable revenue on the table. But taking the time to track the non-program versus program rounds to decide how your membership rates should be altered can be daunting.

Plus by GolfNow is a much simpler way to analyze your profit from program rounds and ensure that you aren’t undervaluing these rounds. The goal of Plus is to put GolfNow’s deep knowledge and resources to work to help your golf course operation grow rounds, build your golfer database and increase your membership and group sales.

Have questions about how you can increase revenue at your course? Click here to see how Plus can maximize your course’s operations in multiple ways.

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