Know your system status

It’s a fact of life in our technologically connected world that we’ll face system challenges from time to time. But at GolfNow, even when there is a performance issue, we want all of our course partners to know that we are still here for them, working hard behind the scenes to make things right, as quickly as possible.

The status page on GolfNow Business will let you know if there are any issues and when they will be resolved.

System Status page

One way that our GolfNow Cares team ensures that you have the tools you need to enhance your partner experience is via the System Status page. Located on the GolfNow Business website, this page shows the real-time status of all of our platforms. From Booking Engines to Course Websites, GolfNow Central to G1 and more, the status of each system is provided to keep you informed about any potential widespread performance issues.

Bookmark this page, and learn more about additional support tools on the GolfNow Business support page.


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