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Playbook Chapter 8 - Payment Systems

Playbook Chapter 8 - Payment Systems

Jan 25, 2021

Streamline point-of-sale and improve customer intelligence at your course  

Prepayment has been a staple for years in other industries, and golf saw a major shift in 2020 towards this preferred form of transactions.

The rapid rise in rounds played has spurred on this new adoption process to create seamless and easy transactions between courses and golfers, but accepting credit cards can mean dealing with confusing payment systems rife with inefficiencies and hidden fees.  

Learn how new cost-saving technologies are helping streamline point-of-sale and improving customer intelligence here!  


The Playbook - Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - SmartPlay Transactional Technology

Nov 17, 2020

Bring cashless, contactless convenience to your golf course

Golf's first contactless technology that is fully integrated with multiple operating systems is changing the way golfers experience the game.

With SmartPlay enabled at your course, golfers can ensure a safe round by taking advantage of prepayment options, mobile check-in and contactless transactions for F&B options or items out of your golf shop. 

GolfNow Fall 2020 COVID-19 Golf Course Operations Survey

GolfNow Fall 2020 COVID-19 Golf Course Operations Survey: Fall 2020

Nov 09, 2020

The 2020 Golf Operation COVID-19 Impact survey by GolfNow might help owners and operators better understand the pandemic’s long-term impact on the game. More than 300 owners and managers, mostly from public and semiprivate clubs, responded to the survey, representing 45 states, six Canadian provinces and several international properties, as well.



Chapter 6 - Procurement

The Playbook - Chapter 6

Feb 20, 2019

Time to think outside the procurement box

Group purchasing brings new profit possibilities to golf operations. Courses can stock up on products they already buy, as well as others they need at a significant cost savings. With significant cost savings and ability to earn points toward tech, satisfied golf courses see enough savings to make a difference. 

chapter 1

The Playbook - Chapter 1

Jan 17, 2019

Who doesn’t want to book more rounds and generate more revenue?

And while you’re at it, let’s solidify your position in your marketplace and start operating at peak efficiency. Private club, daily fee, municipal or resort course — all have the same goals in these competitive times. Finally, there’s one go-to source to help golf operations learn and activate best-practices throughout their operations.

The Playbook - Chapter 2

The Playbook - Chapter 2

Jan 17, 2019

Best practices for having the right product at the right time for the right price.

What started with the airline and hotel industries is spreading to restaurants, theaters … and golf courses. Dynamic pricing is the inventory strategy courses are using right now to maximize revenue.

The Playbook - Chapter 3

The Playbook - Chapter 3

Jan 17, 2019

Best-in-class communications tools and practices to effectively reach your market, build loyalty and drive revenue

More communication is something golfers expect these days, and there are more tools and channels than ever to help. Communication that drives success is all about touch points. Done well, it emphasizes brand positioning, consistent messaging and savvy use of analytics.

The Playbook - Chapter 4

The Playbook - Chapter 4

Jan 17, 2019

How booking engines drive business and empower managers

Rapid advancements in technology allow golf course operators many more touchpoints with their customers than ever before. Booking engines provide your entry into the marketplace. What you do to grow your business from there, well, the possibilities are many.

The Playbook - Chapter 5

The Playbook - Chapter 5

Nov 30, 2018

Customer happiness is job one for operating systems

Advancing technology has catered to virtually every business need a golf course operator could have, with operating systems that help streamline a host of back-office – or behind-the-scenes – activities. But today’s forward-thinking managers realize that kind of help can only take them so far if they aren’t also using those same systems to prioritize their golfers’ happiness. They advocate any tool that can help them deliver convenience, enjoyment and a personal touch throughout a golfer’s experience. And that objective is directly connected to the software solution by which their courses are powered.