New ways to set and utilize rates

Want an even better way to set and utilize rates? Now available within GolfNow Central (GNC) Marketing and the GolfNow Booking Engine 4.0, the Player Rules feature lets you create restrictions and segments for different customers at your business.

What is a Player Rule?

A player rule, or restriction, is a way to segment your inventory so that certain tee times or rate sets display only for specific users based on their GNC Marketing Profile or customer record. With player rules enabled on your booking engine, you will no longer need multiple engines to segment your inventory. Player Rule allows you to utilize one engine for everything.

You create the rules

One of the great advantages of Player Rule is you design the rules to fit your course’s needs. If you have two types of memberships—Gold and Bronze, for example—you can create a rule for each one. If Gold is your most important member type, you want them to be a priority and to see only the rates that apply to them, as well as to receive certain perks, such as not having to enter their credit card information. Bronze members, on the other hand, would be tagged when they log in so that they pay a reduced rate, but would need to enter their credit card information.

Getting started

Once you have created rules, you can reach out to the GolfNow Cares team to enable Player Rule for your GolfNow Booking Engine 4.0. For any help with setting up or getting started with player rules, or for other questions, simply contact our GolfNow Cares team. The number to call for both is 844-800-GOLF.

For more information on creating player rules that best fit your business, visit our detailed how-to document on the GolfNow Business website.

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