Podcast: GolfNow’s Mike Hendrix explains Ride

In between top-line performance and bottom-line results lives a pesky reality: Overhead.

Controlling your costs is as essential to growing your business as a great playing surface and sound marketing and tee time inventory management. In that pursuit, one of the simplest and most effective tools in your arsenal can be GolfNow’s group purchasing program, GolfNow Ride.

Simply put, Ride taps into the formidable buying power of Comcast, corporate parent of NBC, Golf Channel and GolfNow. Comcast’s supplier network includes broadline food distributor US Foods, a number of independent produce companies, agronomy and technology resource SynaTek Solutions, communications giant Verizon, business supply outlet Office Depot and many others. Virtually, everything you need to run your operation, sourced from the suppliers who you most likely are already doing business with, at group-buying discounts. It’s like found money.

How much money? On average, chefs buying through GolfNow Ride are saving 17 percent. Overall, courses on the Ride program report saving from 6 to 35 percent on stuff they buy every day. There are no fees involved and signing up is easy.

The program has proven so substantial, straightforward and impactful, it caught the attention of the Private Club Radio Show, which invited Mike Hendrix, vice president of Business Services for GolfNow, to join them for a podcast. Tune in below to learn more. Mike’s segment begins at 4:15.

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