Royal PortrushRoyal Portrush Golf Club, host venue for the eagerly anticipated 2019 Open, has teamed up with GolfNow to enable golfers to book their golf rounds online for the first time in the famous club’s illustrious history. This new partnership will see the club’s two courses – The Valley and The Dunluce Links – open to a global audience.

“We are extremely proud, and we are looking forward to taking the Royal Portrush brand to a global audience, with particular exposure within the United States through our various channels, including GolfNow, Golf Channel and Golf Advisor,” said GolfNow Vice President Brian Smith.

Wilma Erskine, chief executive of Royal Portrush Golf Club, added, “We are delighted to extend our global reach through our partnership with GolfNow. The potential in terms of taking our brand to new customers and new markets, and ultimately increasing sales from tourists and travelling golfers, is hugely exciting. GolfNow‘s worldwide platform will not only make it easier for customers to book a round at Royal Portrush, but will also ease pressure for our staff and free up time spent on phone calls and emails.”

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