Schedule email campaigns before season’s end

Staying in contact with your customers is a critical function for any golf course — even during seasonal closures. If you’re starting to make preparations for either closure or significant down time, you can create and schedule email campaigns in advance to share golf course news, holiday greetings, upcoming events and more with your golfers through the marketing tool within GolfNow Central (GNC).

Advanced scheduling allows you to focus on the other business tasks that face you during the down time, while still maintaining a crucial touch point with your customers so they are ready for that first day of the season.

Setting up an email

Setting up a campaign couldn’t be easier. Simply select Marketing from the top menu and then choose view under campaigns. You will be taken to the Campaign Management screen at this point. Click the green “Create a New Campaign” link at the top right, which takes you to the Campaign Editor screen.

Now, just complete the six tabs to customize your campaign—Customers, Promotion, Email, Text Message, Social Media, and Schedule and Review.

Customizing your campaign

The Customers tab allows you to define the audience for your campaign. You can decide if everyone who opted-in to receive marketing messages from your course gets this notice, or you can narrow the list by pre-defined groups by selecting customers with specific course tags attached to their names.

You can choose to embed tee times directly into the email.

Next you can decide to include a promotion with the campaign, an email, a text message or send your campaign out via your social media. When creating an email, you can choose to embed tee times directly into the email for fast, one-click booking. Also, don’t forget to use the administrative settings to add your social media links and logo for a professional-looking email every time. You can send yourself a test to make sure you are happy with your finished product on all platforms and services.

The final tab, Schedule and Review, lets you send the campaign immediately or set it up to be sent at a later date. Once your campaign is scheduled, you can always go back and review it by selecting the Scheduled tab under Campaign Movement. There will be a blue line that displays the send time for that campaign.

After sending out your campaign, you can utilize the “Analytics” tab to gauge its effectiveness. From “opens” to “clicks” to “bookings,” you will have the insight needed to adjust future campaigns for consistently higher conversion rates.

Need some help? Contact your GolfNow representative or refer to our Support page for ways to make the most of your next email campaign.


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