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PGAShowDecember-540wide-2017When it comes to helping course partners run their businesses as efficiently and effectively as possible, technology is only one part of the story. The many jobs you have to do each day mean that time is tight. And in the golf industry every dollar counts, too.

The lack of time and tighter budgets served as the inspiration behind GolfNow’s complete range of services. From Answers to Ride to Plus and beyond, each service we offer is designed to save golf course operators time and money. It’s that simple.

And 2018 is a big year for GolfNow services, with new options and features that make them even more valuable to you as a business owner. Our Answers team is primed and ready to help you and your staff by taking care of all your incoming calls – even when the pro shop is closed. Capturing potentially lost revenue and freeing up your time for the golfers in front of you are exactly the kind of improvements that can make the difference for your business next year. Additionally, our Answers product is now available in three different levels of service depending on what works best for you and your customers.

Ride by GolfNow continues to grow as well, with new product and service availability through the industry’s number-one group buying program. The discounts on everything from agronomy supplies and equipment to fresh produce, food & beverage, phone plans and more are unmatched, and can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Small operations, resort courses, municipalities and private-course operators can all find a wide range of savings on purchases they already make, making it that much easier to manage expenses and lower overall operating costs.

Plus continues to provide value for our course partners, offering a full suite of tools and services designed to optimize your business’ performance so you and your staff have even more time to focus on the customer experience. And there are a number of ways that Plus can be implemented, from hands-on operation by you to full-service options from dedicated Plus specialists.

The revenue option includes a specialist who will deliver personal service using our industry-exclusive Autopricing tool, adjusting your tee sheet rates with the help of sophisticated algorithms. Brand management is critical nowadays, too, and brand specialists are available to manage your brand, communications and social media. And for the most comprehensive experience, the full-service option includes access to dedicated revenue and brand specialists — both working to deliver the best Plus has to offer for your golf course.

Answers, Ride and Plus are just three of the services working to grow business for course operators in 2018. Be sure to schedule a meeting with one of our representatives at the PGA Merchandise Show coming up January 24-26, and let our team show you how GolfNow Services can save you time and money in the coming year.

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