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Creating a Membership with a Payment Plan

Available to:  Admins
Optional Permissions Required:  None
System Settings Required:  None

After creating a membership, you’ll need to define pricing details for the program. Each payment plan will appear as its own purchasable item on an order page. To keep things simple, you can have one payment plan per membership program. You can also have multiple payment plans for the same membership program.

Note: A payment plan cannot be deleted once it has been sold

  1. Go to System Settings then Membership Plans 
  2. Select Create New Membership Plan 


  3. Enter the name of your membership planmemplan2
  4. Choose whether or not you would like to accelerate loyalty points for members
    • You can designate a multiplier by which your members will accrue points faster
  5. Choose whether your members will be able to share this membership plan with others i.e.- Family or group memberships
  6. Choose if you would like to apply benefits to your membership plan
    1. If so- click yes
    2. Choose which services, classes, products, and/or packages you would like to make a part of this benefit set and name the benefit set
  7. Choose the frequency, quantity, and expiration rules for your new benefit setmemplan4
  8. Repeat steps 6a-7 to create as many benefit sets as you would like to apply to your membership
  9. Designate membership minimums
    • Provide a name for the minimum set that is brief and descriptive.
    • Designate a minimum amount and a time period that the minimums apply to and select Next.
    • Choose from any services, classes, products and packages that this minimum set will apply to.Configure minimums
  10. Edit the payment plan for this membership
    • Choose the price and frequency of payments as well as an initiation fee (if applicable), a default payment type, which day of the month charges will be owed, whether or not memberships will expire, and the type of employee commission (if applicable).
  11.  Choose whether or not you would like customers to be able to take a break from their membership
    • If not click next to continue on
    • If yes, choose the price of the plan while it’s frozen as well as if you would like to apply a one-time freezing fee as well as whether or not the plan will continue to accrue benefits while frozen or if it will continue to redeem benefits while frozen by using the associated sliders.
  12. If you would like to add a new payment plan or plans then repeat steps 9-10 as many times as necessary. Once completed select next.
  13. You have now created a new membership plan which may be edited using the pencil edit icon associated with it or the payment plan.memplan6
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