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End of day procedures

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End of day (EOD) closing procedure

Please verify that all orders are closed prior to closing out a cash register. Leaving orders open when closing a register will result in calculation errors and could impact register close outs for future dates.

Please note, when processing the Cash Register: End of Day, you have the ability to change the “Close Out” date and time.

Desktop procedure

  1. Select the “Orders” tab and click into the “Cash Register” sub-tab.
  2. Choose “End of Day” to confirm the “Close Out To” date.
  3. Select “Run.”
  4. Enter in your “Starting Cash” that the register opened with, the “End of Day Cash” that is in the register (includes the opening amount), and the “Next Day Starting Cash” that the register is expected to open with for the next shift. Select “OK.”
  5. A preview of the Register Close will appear. Choose “Close Out” once confirmed.
  6. Another confirmation to close out the register will appear.  Select “OK” when you are ready to finalize the close out process.

Tablet procedure

  1. Choose the “Orders” tab and close out any open orders prior to proceeding.
  2. Click the “Settings” tab.
  3. Select “Cash Register.” The list displays the currently selected register and the close register option. If you choose to close from another register, you may also select the register from this screen.
    • Please note: if you change the register, it will also change the selected register for new orders created on the tablet.
  4. Select “Close Register.”
  5. Enter the Starting Cash or use the Cash Count Calculator.
  6. Enter the End of Day Cash or use the Cash Count Calculator.
  7. Click “Close Register” and wait for the “Cash register is successfully closed” prompt.

End of day (EOD) reporting

  1. Proceed to the “Reports” tab.
  2. Search for “Cash Register Close Report” or select “Custom” from the reports menu. Click on the report.
  3. Select the date range you want to run the report for and proceed to “View Report.”
  4. A summary is displayed showing the amount available for deposit and the over/short for the closed registers.
  5. Each register closed is displayed by date and organized by time the register was closed. Clicking into one of the closes will bring up a detailed view for that register close.
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