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Entering sales and service taxes

Available to: Admins
Add and manage service and sales taxes in System Settings >Tax Types and System Settings > Merchandise Taxes.

As a business owner, you are already aware of your local sales and service taxes, so it’s important to enter any applicable percentages in the default Sales Tax and Service Tax types so everything is calculated correctly at point of sale.

Set default sales tax and service tax rates

  1. Go to System Settings then Tax Types.
  2. Click Edit in the Actions column for Sales Tax or Service Tax.
  3. Name – Edit the name (Optional).
  4. Rate – Enter the tax percentage.
  5. Tax is applied to green fees – Select Yes or No
    • Category – Select the category of the green fee or services that you would like taxed.
    • Subcategory – Select the subcategory of the green fee or services that you would like taxed.
  6. Allow Flexible – If set to Yes, the tax rate may be overridden in an order when necessary.
  7. Included in Item Price – If set to Yes, the tax rate will be included in the price of an applicable item rather than shown as an additional order item.
  8. Is Active – Select Yes to activate the tax across the system. Select No to deactivate the tax at any time.
  9. Click Save. The tax will be applied at the point of sale.

Select merchandise / products for each tax type

After entering basic sales and service tax types, go to System Settings > Merchandise Taxes to define which tax applies to products, services, and/or memberships.

Note: By default, sales tax applies to products and memberships and service tax applies to services.

Entering sales and service taxes-1

What if some of my items have different tax rates than others?

Default tax rates can be overridden if you need to make exceptions for specific services or products. For example, if your state has a mandatory service tax that applies to every service except messages, you can first set the default tax rates following the steps above, set Allow Flexible to Yes, and then set the service tax rate for the massage service.

Set tax rates to be flexible

  1. Go to System Settings then Tax Types.
  2. Click Edit in the Actions column.
  3. Make sure that default rates are set./li>
  4. Make sure Allow Flexible is set to Yes.
  5. Allow Flexible to Yes. Selecting Yes will allow the tax rates to be flexible so you can set different tax rates for different items.
  6. Click Save.

Edit a default tax type

Click Edit in the Actions column next to any tax type to edit.

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