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The GL accounts feature allows users to easily export Sales and Cash Receipts from GolfNow One (G1) into their Quickbooks accounting software. To utilize the reports, GL account numbers MUST first be entered into G1.

GL Account Setup PageGL accounts setup

The GL accounts setup page is found within System Settings at the Location level within G1.

Additionally, the GL accounts page allows users to assign GL account numbers for the following areas of the software:

  • Product hierarchy
  • Payment media
  • Customer payments
  • Green fees
  • Taxes
  • Other

Once GL codes are properly mapped within the software, you can then run the account export reports.

gl accounts exportGL accounts export – Quickbooks

  • Navigate to the Reports tab.
  • Click the “Accounting/Analysis” button.
  • Select the report you’d like to generate:
    • Quickbooks IIF Cash Receipts Export
    • Quickbooks IIF Sales Export
  • Select the desired date range from the drop down menu.
  • Click “Export.”
  • An .iif file will be saved to your download folder.

Importing IIF file into Quickbooks

  • Open your Quickbooks software.
  • Select “File > Utilities > Import > IIF files.”
  • Select the file that was exported from the G1 software.
  • Once imported, Quickbooks will provide a summary detailing any errors and how many completed transactions were successfully uploaded.
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