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How do I delete a customer?

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Customers with a history of activity with your business recorded in Golfnow One (past appointments and purchases of any kind) cannot be deleted. They can only be marked as “inactive.” Marking them as inactive hides them from your list and unsubscribes them from all communications.

A customer with no history recorded in Golfnow One can be deleted from your system.

Mark a customer as inactive

  1. Find the customer.
  2. Go to the Details tab of the customer’s profile.
  3. Check Mark as Inactive.

Delete a customer

To delete a customer with no history recorded in Golfnow One:

  1. Go to Customers tab then Manage Customers.
  2. Select a Customized View and View All Customers.
  3. Customers that an be deleted will have a red X next to their names.
  4. Click the X to delete the customer.
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