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How do membership benefits work?

Available to: Admins, Reservationists
Optional Permissions Required: None
System Settings Required: None

Members enrolled in a membership program that includes benefits will be able to use their benefits as a form of payment for any service(s), product(s), or package(s) you select as a benefit included in the membership program.

Benefits can be redeemed monthly, weekly, or at one time only, and a membership program can have more than one benefit.

Membership benefits are not separate services, products, or packages; every item you wish to include as a membership benefit should already be added separately in System Settings > Services, the Products tab, or System Settings > Packages.


A Platinum membership includes a benefit of one round of golf per day. When a customer who purchased the Platinum membership books a tee time, you will be notified at checkout that the customer has a form of payment that can be applied.


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