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Membership tab

The Membership tab of the customer profile is where you manage and view details about a customer’s membership. This tab will only appear if the customer has purchased a membership.

Membership Details

View the Customer’s payment plan, expiration date, last date charged, next scheduled charge amount and date within the simple view for Active and Inactive Memberships. You can modify the expiration date by selecting the edit pencil icon.

Expanding the membership using the More Details action will bring up benefits information, payment method, and billing information for the membership.

Benefits History

  • If the customer’s membership includes benefits, see a history of the earned, expired, used, and available benefits by expanding the membership using the More Details action.
  • Click the clock icon in the Actions column for the history of each benefit.
  • To change the quantity of benefits available, click a number in the Available column.

Recurring Payment Method

You can modify the recurring payment method for the membership by selecting one of the payment methods on file from the drop down.


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